iAX- WC’11: Capcom Teases Big Announcements for Captivate 2011

"As anyone in attendance would know, WonderCon is much more than just comics. There’s movies, television shows, anime….and of course video games! While we were there, Inside AX had a chance to ask a CAPCOM representative a few questions regarding their current lineup as well as any potential plans for Captivate 2011."

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Kingdom Come3458d ago

I want an announcement that they've purchased the Hotel Dusk/Last Window franchise. We need a third installment in Kyle Hyde's story!

rezznik3458d ago

Personally, I'm hoping that Capcom announces some more DLC characters for MvC3. *imagines beating up on Sentinel and Magneto with Phoenix Wright*

....that and a new Breath of Fire.

ScubaSteve13458d ago

hopes capcom is going out of business handing the resident evil franchise to the dead space team