IGN - Kapow! 11: DiRT 3 Block Party

IGN writes: Bigger, bolder, better. It's a refrain that's directed all of Codemasters' racing games through their various evolutions, and one that's become increasingly dear to its off-road series. Colin McRae Rally started off with a solo car blaring around a bleak Welsh quarry, but just over a decade later it was conducting its business in the glare and glamour of a downtown L.A stadium.

In terms of going bigger and bolder with DiRT Codemasters' has found a perfect partner with Ken Block, the founder of extreme sports label DC Shoes who's brought a little off-the-wall attitude to the often stale world of motor sports. Before, rally was associated with a fanbase fuelled by a Thermos of weak lemon drink and a damp cheese sandwich – thanks to Block's influence it's now as vibrant as the skate scene that helped make his name.

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