A World Without Duke Nukem Is Not Worth Living In, Says Gearbox Boss

Randy Pitchford, who is the leader of the development studio Gearbox, has said that, “When Duke was dead I thought ‘oh my gosh, we are the only people in the world who can save this, we have to commit to it. I had to decide if it was worth it. It’s a huge risk… But Duke is absolutely one of a kind, and there’s nothing else like him in the world, and I need him.”

He added, “Like, I don’t want to live in a world where Duke doesn’t exist.”

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MrGunny942805d ago

Hmmm no it worths as long as we have Battlefield ;)

EYEamNUMBER12805d ago

we HAVE been living in a world without duke nukem for like what 12 years? everything has been pretty good without em

TheComedian2804d ago

Actually you haven't. You've been playing Duke Nukem games without knowing it. I posted this on an older article but what the hell it bears repeating.

chak_2804d ago

yeah, BF over any licence anyday !

Schism202804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Ive never even played a Duke Nukem game unfortunately =(

ZombieAssassin2804d ago

WHAT!!?!? Must not of been a gamer or weren't really old enough. Not that they have aged well but playing them back when I was a kid they were really fun games.

mightyboot2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

The world needs Duke Nukem games for 2 reasons:

1 - to not take itself seriously
2 - have alot of fun

Sitris2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Pure hype, this game will bomb, mark my words. My opinion is shared by heaps in the games industry as well, basically all of ign think it will bomb. Plus, it is a sexist and unnecessary view of gaming, this will be looked upon as the game that set the industry back as an immature past time. This game series needs to change or die.

Edit: after 10 years of development, no matter how good this game will be, it will not be anywhere near as games of now, it is a super sexist view that disgusts me, women have made such amazing development in recent years, and throwing them over your shoulder and spanking them is disgusting and should be banned.

mightyboot2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

youre no fun AT ALL.

Sitris2804d ago

So being sexist is fun? That's disgusting, it is not a matter of fun, it is sexist, disgusting and should be banned. I hope this game gets banned in Australia, I don't won't my family or anyone I know play a game that degrades women in any form. It is just a wrong vision, this is saddening cause I like gearbox, but I refuse to touch this game, and have already lost all the respect they earnt with borderlands because of it.

nevimkdojsem22804d ago

This is western civilization, banning art because you don't like it is fashist. If you and your family don't like its message then simply don't play it. Just out of curiosity, why is the game supposed to be sexist?

skyblue142132804d ago

I agree with you on some points like it having a super sexist view in which I don't care for either, but IT IS JUST A VIDEO GAME and as such should not be taken seriously like most video games on the market.

But I don't know what disgust's me more: the games mature "sexist view" content or your fascist view of how the world should be run according to you.

T-What2804d ago

If you think this will bomb your retarded... it will sale from hype alone rather it sucks or not.
And from what I have seen and heard this game will be freaking awesome... unless you were born after 1995 and dont even know what a good video game really is.

Sitris2804d ago

Your kidding yourself if you think it will sell well, the game has terrible graphics, dated gameplay and is been the joke of the industry for ten years. The game has no place in the gaming industry today, duke nukem was one of the reasons games were being held back from being eqiual to movies or tv. the sexest views, the rude and immature antics, like peeing in a bowl? This game is being aimed at totally immature teen males, and spitting in the face of mature gamers that have been fighting for the medium to be considered mature. If you think that treating women like meat, and peeing in a game is considered fun, then all power to you, but games have progressed in the past 10 years. This is going back to a place in gaming that doesn't need to be re visited.

Caleb_1412804d ago

Well Bulletstorm pulled it off and the industry is still standing...

ZombieAssassin2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

"Your kidding yourself if you think it will sell well, the game has terrible graphics, dated gameplay "

Sounds like Call of Duty and we all know those don't sell well /s

You obviously have a problem with the game for it's "sexist-ness' and that's ok but it's also ok for them to make the game however they want. It's not like the point of the game is to spank women and such anyways, it's just an in real life.

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