Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Weapons Guide

If there’s one thing videogames have taught us lately, it’s that zombies are essential for success, and Call of Duty: Black Ops is proof of that. After creating a sleeper hit with an afterthought zombie onslaught mode in World at War, Treyarch focused on upping the ante with new downloadable content up until the release of what is now the largest selling game of all time. Millions of gamers are addicted to fighting off the hungry waves of the dead, and with new perks, weapons, enemies and maps available, one play through a night is not enough to satisfy the urge of reaching the next round.

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TheHip142777d ago

Shotguns are the way to go, for me personally

pangitkqb2777d ago

I love the shotguns but around level 12 i find i have to switch to something more powerful, i.e. the ray-gun and THUNDERGUN. That thundergun is a game-changer. Nothing like blasting 12 zombies at once with that baby.

johnP2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Everything is Better with Zombies. Horde is a gaming mode that has been around for decades. I remember playing Unreal Tournament and having to deal with waves of monsters marching towards me. Gears of War had Locust.... But Zombies are just a level higher above everything else.

I dunno, there's something in watching a walking rotting corpse that just cool!

And yeah, it's shotgun for me too. Oh, another thing that makes everything better if its included, shotguns!

Now combine the two... You have bad-assery!

TheHip142777d ago

Ya the Horde gaming mode is always fun, no matter what game it's in.

tokugawa2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


gears 2 horde mode was superb. halo reach's firefight is another gem. my only regret in getting rid of black ops is no more nazi zombies. lol and i totally forgot the hours that i spent on l4d and l4d2!

hopefully we will hear about a multiplatform l4d3 at e3 this year.

shaun mcwayne2776d ago

if they announce l4d3 i will go nuts, i also spent way to much time on those games.

4logpc2777d ago

the shotgun is the only reason I ever survive

TheHip142777d ago

what? are you for real haha, it's the best part of the game

thegreatest78842777d ago

All of my friends hate me for saying it, but I hate zombies too! It's so repetitive and boring, I just can't stand it.

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