Child Of Eden Will be Playable with PlayStation Move

MoveModo: "The ongoing Child of Eden PlayStation Move debate has been bubbling away since the game's first showing in 2010. Recently we reported a rumour that Child of Eden was coming to PlayStation Move, and now we've heard word from Ubisoft that yes, the motion controller is supported."

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a_bro2753d ago

well it better. Now i will buy the game.

Quagmire2753d ago

Now if only MG Rising supported Move too....

Godmars2902753d ago

Really, it made no sense not to support Move if they're going to put the game out at the same time on both systems, much less later even if this is thought of as a Xbox game.

erathaol2753d ago

I think they just weren't sure how to code it or if it was even useful. Valve had the same issue, they decided against move support though. Glad Q Entertainment decided for.

Just_The_Truth2753d ago

you could be right but considering so many other devs were able to patch move support to existing games so easily and quickly i don't think coding is a problem; it would have been nice if portal supported the move and maybe it will but we'll see...

DigitalRaptor2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I'm just thinking Move support for Portal 2 would have been amazing. Really amazing!

There's always the possibility that Valve could patch it in...

ChozenWoan2753d ago

Well I think this is only considered news due to some people acting like it was a Kinect exclusive Killer app or something.

To be honest, I kinda wish this game would work with custom soundtracks. If it would let you interact with your own music, then it would be really interesting. As it is, the game seems as tho it's not possible to lose from the footage I've seen.

Oh well, I'll still keep in on my radar for the time being.

Tommykrem2753d ago

I thought that was the idea from the beginning, but as long as it'll feature it I won't complain... well it should be good too I suppose. Talking about Q Entertainment, does anyone know what's going on with PixelJunk Lifelike?

Urrakia342753d ago

Isn't this game pretty much meant to be played with the Move?

blackburn52753d ago

Well looks like the Move gets to strut it's stuff after all. Try not to show up the other motion control device too much, okay?

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The story is too old to be commented.