Anonymous’ Sony Attacks = Shift Of Power In Console War?

TheGamerBuzz writes, "At this point, I’m pretty certain that any gamer out there knows about the hacker group Anonymous and their attacks against Sony. I’m not here to talk about what they’re doing, or go into any specifics about how or why they shouldn't should be doing whatever it is they are hoping to do..."

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LOGICWINS2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

"At this point, I’m pretty certain that any gamer out there knows about the hacker group Anonymous and their attacks against Sony."

Yeah, because the majority of gamers inform themselves on the Internet s/

"I think whatever happens between Anonymous and Sony can only result in a win for the Xbox 360, no matter how big or small."

Not really. Most logical gamers will just wait until the problem is solved. Its not like people are going to run out an buy a 360 simply because PSN is momentarily down.

Joni-Ice2753d ago

I just get tired of seeing articles about it. I wish sites stop giving them air-time.

Army_of_Darkness2753d ago

The guy is on his 7th xbox 360?!?! Really man?! Wtf is wrong with you!!!???

zootang2753d ago

If anything it creates interest for Playstation.

LOGICWINS2753d ago

"Sure, the 360 has the lovely Red Rings issue (I mean, geez, I’m on my seventh console already!!), but at least they aren’t incurring the wrath of Anonymous!"

This is off-topic, but I will NEVER understand how you can be on your seventh 360 due to RROD and be so nonchalant about it. Unless you get them for free, why would you keep supporting crap hardware?

insomnium22753d ago

MS gets forgiven for anything. Haven't we seen this so many times already?

"you know things brake"
"It's all about the games"
"1080p is not needed"
"HDMI is not needed"
"HDDless x360 gives you a 100% experience"

And all the while they were laughing at Sony and spelling doom on BD and PS3 every chance they got.

Now it's:

"It's all about Kinect"
"Games? What are those?"
"Kinect haz teh zalez"
"X360 is hot just look at the world of America to confirm this"

I don't know I was fed up with MS after the BS that went on in 2005-2008. After all the BS attacks they had the nerve to lie about RROD.

kenpachi2753d ago

The hackers most recent planning session had to be cut short because it was a school night and they have too much homework to do.

LOGICWINS2753d ago

PSN is still down, for my sake, I hope they do have too much homework to do.

kenpachi2753d ago

they haven't started yet they're still watching Spongebob

Dart892753d ago

Try logging in again i just tried it and it let me.

insomnium22753d ago

I can't believe what kind of articles people write. Do you like really BELIEVE what you are writing or are you doing it just for shits and giggles.....?

albertperez2753d ago

My thoughts exactly. What are the long term ramifications of these hacker attacks. How big does it need to get before it will start affecting Sony's bottom and their public perception.

extermin8or2753d ago

it won't affect their perception at all I don't think, if they are honest and say "yes we are under cyber attack for trying to protect our intellectual property... we are doing all we can to blah blah blah" then at least everyone knows that the issue is not with them but the attackers so far they've claimed "sporadic maintenance" if they continue down that line it makes it look like the issues are their own fault...

blackburn52753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

They barely managed to affect PSN for more then a few hours and suddenly we talk about the 'wrath of anonymous'. Sony is a multi billion dollar company with tons of resources that have survived for many years. Anyone who thinks that they can bring down Sony so easily is obviously deluded @ LOGICWINS. I agree. That has to be the biggest joke this generation, people BOASTING that they are on their 7th or 8th 360 with pride no less. If Sony had done that sort of $hit they would want their heads on a platter. @ extermin8or how can it look like their fault when we know who is doing it? I don't follow your logic.

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