6,667,370 Runes of Magic Characters Created

Frogster has released statistics relating to the last two years of it’s Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) Runes of Magic. The figures reveal details about the in game activities such as the number of characters types created, the professions chosen, the number of times different bosses have been defeated and the number of quests completed.

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knifefight2751d ago

Mark of the beast oh snap! :o

zeal0us2751d ago

6,667,370 created

Numbers created really don't mean that much unless the majority of them is active

less active=low revenue
low revenue=server shutdown/etc

I'm pretty sure the game must have high number of active players or it wouldn't made it this far.

Panthers2751d ago

Im also sure each user can create more than one character. In WoW, each person can create 50. Although most do not create near that many, most people do make more than one.

Dylken2750d ago

I quit as end game (I quit during the lvl 55 patch) was getting more expensive then P2P games (personally, and it is a choice so it may not be this way for everyone). I am curious to know how many people are actively still playing this though.