Is Duke Nukem Forever a throwback to gaming's sexist past?

Duke Nukem... gun-toting hero or sexist beast?

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Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

Hope so, movies and music can do it, why can't games?

JsonHenry2779d ago

I hope so too. Back to the day when people just played a game and didn't try to make it a political issue. IT IS A GAME PEOPLE!

If you don't like it, don't play it!

Coffin872778d ago

The "if you don't like it, don't do it"-attitude sadly hasn't much followers. Well it's probalby better this way.. if you look at extremists.

Anyway .. when I read the first Resi5 related "Racism"-article, I was hoping this would be the last I would ever see...
Sadly, it wasn't, at all...
Just hope this one won't go the same way.

mushroomwig2779d ago

Fox news will have a field day with this game!

I don't care though, it's just a bit of fun.

Warprincess1162779d ago

Really, it just a bit of fun? I don't think so. This game is really degrading to us women. Hopefully you wake up and see this.

insomnium22779d ago

Come ON! You simple CANNOT be offended by Duke. Noone can.

I'm just wonderring why his hands are so awkwardly placed in that pic. Come on grab'em like a man williya!

mushroomwig2779d ago

There's nothing to "wake up and see", everyone who has ever played a Duke Nukem game knows what to expect, if you seriously have problems then simply avoid it.

Also please don't use the term "us women" because I really don't appreciate you dragging me into your generalization. Not every female shares your opinion, I sure don't.

Pozzle2779d ago

Funny, I'm a woman and don't feel the slightest bit degraded by Duke Nukem. He's about as offensive as fricking McBain from the Simpsons. It's all just a bit of tongue-in-cheek silly fun.

I'd be more worried about, y'know, REAL womens issues, like women getting paid less than men in the workforce, or the fact that over 40% of homeless people are women who have escaped abusive households but have nowhere to go. Kinda puts it into perspective just how petty it is to bitch over a satirical game that features a bit of ass-slapping and over-the-top macho-ism, when there are women (and of course, men) who are living on the streets every night after suffering a life of genuine abuse and mistreatment.

AssassinHD2779d ago

I would give you 10 bubbles for that comment if I could.

pangitkqb2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

@ Warprincess116

Find something better to do than be offended at small things.

Mushroomwig and Pozzle said it well. The issues and injustices women face in an unfair REAL world, such as unfair compensation, abuse, violence, etc... are genuinely important, not so much the blatant silliness of a video game. The idea that any intelligent adult - the audience this title is aimed at - will suddenly become a sexist, anti-women pig simply from playing this game is ridiculous.

Having been raised by a single, hard working mother - who would have laughed her ass off at how seriously you take a videogame, god rest her soul - I am glad to personally know that most women are far more reasonable than you.

Yi-Long2779d ago

... dumb women like you taking offense over non-issues like these just so you can stand on your soapbox and point fingers, are degrading to women.

theonlylolking2779d ago

Duke never degrades women he is ALWAYS on their side...if you actually play the game

Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

Don't worry, the trailer showed dong too, for the ladies.

undercovrr2779d ago

Its a game, relax. I'm not going to get in how hypocritical feminists are because that's another topic, but please, the game is not meant to be taken seriously, and it's unfortunate you don't understand that.

iceman29292779d ago

Funny coming from someone who's profile picture is from a movie that I would argue is one of the worst influences for girls out there... you know teaching a girl that its ok to take abuse from a guy because its his way of showing him he really loves her.

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Jestrella242779d ago

yeah pretty much what to expect from duke.

Ace_19752779d ago

Problem with the modern world is everything has become PC, you can't joke about anything no more because some liberal pussy will report you for it. There is nothing sexist about Duke Nukem , people have just become giant pussies and can't handle anything that might offend them.

Tiqila2779d ago

dont play the game if you feel sexually offended ~

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