Media Create hardware sales (3/28 – 4/3)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan. The PSP has overtaken the 3DS.

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Dark_Charizard2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

PSP is a monster in Japan! But this will never happen outside that small island, that's a guarantee.

knifefight2804d ago

And wow @ PS2 overtaking 360 :O

PSP – 57,379
3DS – 42,979
PS3 – 27,453
Wii – 10,249
DSi LL – 9,706
DSi – 9,566
PS2 – 1,996
Xbox 360 – 1,789
PSP go – 696
DS Lite – 629

Plus it's got 1996. That was a good year.

sinncross2804d ago

New ps2 game debuted in the top 10, I reckon that helped push PS2 hardware :)

jriquelme_paraguay2804d ago

where is the Article "PS2 outsold Xbox 360 again"

Cloudberry2804d ago

A 14.000 difference against 3DS...

What the hell happen?

Besides the nuclear crisis that is.

Counter Strike2804d ago

Nintendo domination is coming to a close... Bye bye Nintendo.

eagle212804d ago

WTF? DS still sold 20K, the hardware for 3DS costs more than double PSP with far less software (understatement). How much did psp sell in america or europe last week? Japan adopts to games, you'll see demand increase for 3DS just like when GBA was outselling DS and psp......then DS outselling psp....then neck and 3DS and psp outselling ngp. It's a cycle in japan with nintendo and sony. But everywhere else? You know what's going

Next up...Dragon Quest X on Wii...versus XIII on's so obvious those will drive demand. DS still had the #1 selling game this week.

eagle212804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

you so obviously failed math...nintendo handhelds still were bought by more consumers in jp this week...but give me that worldwide total again? 150 million vs. 67 million (this war was won years ago)...or 90 million vs. 47 million? Or 3 to 4 million shipped vs. 0 units shipped? Bye Bye delusional people! :)

DaTruth2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Delusion is thinking there was ever a PSP vs. DS war! Some people bought PSP and some more people bought DS, nobody argued about which was better and nobody cared!

The only war happened when people who bought a DC saw it die, ran out and bought an XBOX and saw it die; now they blame Sony and anyone who ever owned a Playstation, and took out their frustration on PS3 owners. Obviously last gen wasn't a war, it was an extermination!

Ddouble2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

PSP beating 3DS and i doubt things will change in the following weeks until a major games come out. I didn't think it would happen this fast though.

Sony's dominating Japan at the moment

Ravage272804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

PSP outsold 3DS (2 weeks in a row now)
PS3 outsold Wii (this will be permanent)
PS2 outsold 360...again (lol)

3DS sales should pick up once the big titles hits, though the Zelda remake will not be much of a system seller. Nintendo really made a big mistake relying on third parties for their 3DS launch. They need Mario Kart out asap.

A PS2 game ranked sixth on the charts really shows the credibility of the 10 years life cycle of Sony Playstations. The PS3 should be able to reenter the Top 10 on its 10 year too.

Spenok2804d ago

Sure was a good week for them. Im actually kind of worried for the 3DS. To loose steam so quickly. However im sure thats just do to the lack of software at launch. Im sure as you say we will see a resurgance as soon as new software finally hits.

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