Rumour - Red Dead Redemption PC Version Coming

There has been Rumoured Rockstar Studios has claimed that the PC version of Red Dead Redemption is an upgrade from the previous versions.

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Raf1k12756d ago

I'm buying this day one if true. I played the game on PS3 and absolutely loved it but the lower quality of the visuals was quite obvious IMO. I'd love to play it in hi res.

Agent-862756d ago

I also enjoyed this game immensely, but would buy it again for the PC. Just imagine this game in higher resolution and better graphics. Plus, think about the mods that could be made for it.

Yi-Long2755d ago

... I really hope Rockstar will bother optimizing it properly before releasing it, unlike GTA4 which reportedly had numerous big issues when it was released on PC...

imvix2755d ago

Well to be fair GTA 4 on PC came with too many options. If people tried to max everything out sure they would end up getting horrible FPS. People only needed to test certain settings. I found the shadows had a drastic impact on performance while not really doing much for visuals so i turned the shadows down a bit and the game ran liquid smooth.

HenryFord2755d ago

No - that is not really true. GTAIV was horrible on the PC, it had a lot of (proven) memory-leaks and tons of other issues. A lot of rigs while really powerfull and high-end-system had a hard time with GTA IV.
It was a shitty port, there is just nothing you can say against that.

And on a side note:
Too many options? Did you ever play a PC-Game before? I had a ton of games with way more options then that. Those settings are still "normal" (of course - CoD does not feature such things - you have a slider "brightness" and "resolution", that's it.

imvix2755d ago


Agreed it had memory leaks and the game would crash after 30mins of play or randomly any time basically, however that was fixed few months after launch.

I been gaming on PC since 1995. The reason why i mentioned GTA 4 had too many options is because of the distance settings it had. Setting a viewing distance too far didnt effect gameplay experience much however it did kill performance. Hence for the casual user it required too much work to study what settings needed to be turned down. Most people dont like experimenting like us enthusiasts usually do. Personally i like it when i have more settings to play around with so i can customise the game according to my taste.

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BattleAxe2755d ago

I played it a bit on PS3, but I didn't want to buy this unless it came out on PC, so I'm glad to see this rumor.

Raf1k12755d ago

I wanted to play it on PC but I simply couldn't help it. The trailers looked so damn good and the reviews were great. I simply had to take the plunge. Even with the lower res and poorer quality visuals it was still one of the best gaming experiences I've had so far.

Theo11302755d ago

Though the dx11 and 3d makes me think it that is fake.

Marcello2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Hmmm please let it be true. Rockstar are still getting spammed daily with requests to rls this on PC.

I wish they would just say why they havent made a PC version instead of just a lousy "There are no plans ATM" answer.

Sadly Rockstar have just become so rich they can afford to say bollocks to PC gamers after the GTA IV debacle.

Cant help but agree Theo1130 that this is most probarly fake.

Ranshak2755d ago

PC version of RDR is a day one buy. I havent bought the game yet just because i wanted to play it on PC.

Both console versions are running sub 30fps with PS3 version even being Sub HD. I would rather like to play the game in all its glory.

just_looken2755d ago

dont buy it day one every rage engine game needs 4 patches to become playable on pc and gtaiv on pc has a ultra low optimization. i can see rdr needing a gtx 590 10gb of ram and a quad core at 3.8ghz to load armidello. heck on gta boards top gtx 590 rigs running gtaiv get the same performance i get with a 285 rig. I hope this is false because of 2 things gta's low optimization and on consoles its a bad enough mess with issues on pc ugh no thank you.

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Theo11302755d ago

God Let it be true, I tried playing it again, but It's hard to go back after being a pc gamer.

Oldman1002755d ago

I got the 360 version and i have to say its one of the best looking games ive played this gen. I can't imagine how amazing this would look on pc, my head would probably implode.

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