PS EU Blog - ‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 6th April 2011

Hello all, welcome to another ‘Heads-Up’date – I am speaking to you from beyond the Internet today as I’m out hobnobbing with bigwigs (but not the small wigs…) but I will not forget you and I will come back and do some comments before the week is out.

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mushroomwig2805d ago

Best PS+ update since the service was launched!

Vherostar2805d ago

Yep and Xbox live get online gaming again this month... People have the cheek to say PS+ ain't worth the money when you get deals like this.

Blacktric2805d ago

"Yep and Xbox live get online gaming again this month"


InfectedDK2805d ago

Well I just wanna access it and start downloading.
But can't because of all the Anon vs. Sony thing going around atm.

Danielmccue2805d ago

I can access the Store fine. Stupid anon guys i didn't ask you hillbillies to defend my free speech.

now stop messing up my multiplayer gaming!!!

InfectedDK2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Well I know more ppl that couldn't either and Sony wrote about it on Facebook too. However I can access it now and WOW I gotta say nice update! I just realized how good it actually was. Especially if your a plus member.. Just bought Dungeon Hunter too. Yeah the whole Anon thing is a bigger story. I just think it's a little bit annoying that it involves all gamers.

Can somebody pls. bubble me up..?

El_Assenso2805d ago

Fat load of good the update is if I can't sign onto PSN. Bloomin hackers and what not.

mushroomwig2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Hackers? It's perfectly fine for me.

Why the disagree? It's working fine for me and everyone on my list. -__-

Danielmccue2805d ago

I guess it depends what region your in.

I'm in the UK and mine works.

Lamarthedancer2805d ago

Oh I posted this on another article of this but since this have been approved I'll say it again

...Where the hell are the PS1 games it's been like 2-3 weeks now without any. Ross said there were a bunch of known games which he knows is heading to the PSN and all I've seen, for the known classics is Resident evil and Tomb Raider 1 and 3

I'm not trying to ungrateful and I know it's not Ross's fault but I mean come on. The US PSN Store is ten times better then ours. I mean I don't think we'll ever get Spryo on our store.

It's like Sony tries harder with the US store even though Europe gives them more PS3 sales then the US

P_Bomb2805d ago

Hey, Europe gets a Yakuza 4 dynamic theme! Me want. Hope it comes to North America so I can get it. Never understood region specific avatars/themes *cough* Demon's Souls *cough*.

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