Will 3D Gaming Take Off Or Be Another Gimmick That Fails?

The Nintendo 3DS took off, and while no real sales figures are in just yet, we can be pretty sure that its neither a flop or a dud. But does that mean that 3D gaming is about to heat up in the marketplace?

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insomnium22751d ago

Once you see KZ3 in 3D you know what it's all about. I can't believe how beautiful it looks.

badz1492751d ago

guess what, I'm gonna treat myself with a brand new 3DTV sometime in the next 2 months! with Motorstorm also releasing, and many other PS3 exclusives going 3D, I can see that 3D is here to stay!

by the way, the 3DTV I was talking about is the 40" Sony Bravia and it comes with a free 160GB PS3! looks like I'm getting a new PS3 too! :-)

evrfighter2751d ago

Well if 3ds is any indication. It'll be for a niche audience.imo it'll never go mainstream.

metsgaming2751d ago

whenever i find a sony 3dtv it never works because the batteries on the glasses are always dead =(

badz1492751d ago

I guess you mean those demoed in stores, right? I know, it did also in several places here but once I got the one that works, have to admit that it's AWESOME!

I agree that 3DTV will have a hard time to blend into the mainstream like HDTV did, but as long as it's there, it doesn't hurt nobody because games will come in both 2D and 3D, where 3D is for those who are willing to spend more - just like all games released these days where you can play them SD or HD!

insomnium22751d ago


What you mean 3DS tells you what 3D looks like? OMG that is so wrong I'm not even going to get into that. Please tell me you didn't mean that.

All I'm saying once you experience KZ3 in 3D only then you have an idea on what are you talking about when you talk about 3D. That game has the best implementation of 3D I have seen in games. It looks orgastic.

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bumnut2751d ago


Pc is where the best 3D gaming is at the moment.

GizmoFusion2751d ago

We need a PS3 for the site to do reviews :)

CharlesDCI2751d ago

It will take off once 3D TVs do...

bumnut2751d ago

3d gaming on pc is awesome and 3d monitors are not too expensive.

soundslike2751d ago

What century do you live in?

Everything tech is inevitable now, if only requiring the proper advancements for it to truly catch on.

Robot hookers? Inevitable
Chips in our brains? Inevitable

...but in case you haven't noticed, its always a question of "when", not "if"

user8586212751d ago

If it costs me £2000 and £50 per glasses £17 per bluray its a gimmick that needs to die

badz1492751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

but there were times when HDTV/PLasma cost around that, (minus the glasses of course), right? and look where we stand now, HDTV are the norm and it cost like $300 or less for 32" nowadays and those are from well-known maker like Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic etc.

3DTV still need time to penetrate into more homes but 3D is already taking off well on PC with nVidia 3D vision, which also recently getting price cut, leading the way and many games or shall I say most games out today are playable in 3D which is a good indication that 3D on big screens is not just a fad that will only last for a year or 2!

HICK2750d ago

I just picked up a 50" panasonic TC-P50GT25 for $940.27 and that's after tax. That's not a bad price imo.

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