Treyarch: people "see value" in 1200MSP map packs

OXM UK: Treyarch's Josh Olin has defended the 1200MSP price of the Call of Duty: Black Ops map packs, saying that people "see value" in them.

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r1sh122779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I dont see the value in maps that cost 1200msp...
Since I paid for the first maps on MW2 I was like WTF am I paying for here?
Maps that didnt make the game disc but could probably have easily fit...

Most DLC isnt worth its price tag, I mean look at need for speed. They had 5 car packs out only a few months after the game was out, but they could have fit every car pack on the disc...

The best value for money DLC on xbox live and PSN IMO was the GTA IV add on - TLAD TBOGT, the Vietnam expansion, the maps on WaW were 800msp and they were better, I got single player and multiplayer.
1200msp for maps no thanks.
Theres no value in items that missed the DVD

Fred-G-Sanford2779d ago

People can "LOL" all they want, but as long as gamers continue to purchase $15 map packs by the ass-load, map packs will continue to cost $15.

wallis2779d ago

"I dont see the value in maps that cost 1200msp..."

Actually I disagree, I see plenty of value in these map packs.

They'll help me distinguish those who need to be 'culled' from the genetic pool when I come to power in 2046 and initiate 'Operation: Twat Removal'.

dgonza402778d ago

@Sanford Agreed. it's very disappointing it was the #1 dlc on PSN

antz11042779d ago

LOL is correct.

When I did own it I felt like the same 5 maps were always recycled and now additional maps cost the player $15 each. They should all be free.

Focker4202779d ago

Whats 1200msp???

Is that supposed to be money?! How much is 1msp supposed to be in actual currency??

dgroundwater2779d ago

It`s 80msp to a dollar, so 1200 is roughly $15 USD. If you try and break it down any lower you are dealing in algebra.

It`s just a way for Microsoft to split you from your money. It turns your cash into Monopoly money.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

As I understand it, 100 msp (MicroSoft Points) is $1.25. So the map packs are $15, or $3.75 per map.

I don't know for sure, though. I never buy microsoft points. I just did the math.

@dgroundwater: Algebra? Really? 80msp for $1 is 4 msp for a nickel. Any further than that and you're dealing with fractions. And that is 5th grade math. Not algebra. Trust me, I've solved quadratic equations.

gypsygib2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

That about right but in Canada it's 70 MSP = 1 dollar. Also, you can't buy exactly 1200 msp, you have to buy 1400 for $20.00 leaving you will extra, and personally, I'm not waisting money buying virtual clothing, so those maps packs cost 20 bucks really (on 360).

GodofwarGoty2779d ago

LOL i agree enkeicpres but there something wrong because the map packs sell alot even for being over priced

lugia 40002779d ago

Value? Roflmao. Explain how Bad company 2 has 5 giant maps and 15 new weapons and you have 4 unbalanced maps and a zombie map. People that buy BOps map packs are idiots.

Dart892779d ago

I agree and the vietnam expansion for $15 that alone is worth more than all the crappy map packs they gonna put out for Call of dooty.

Off topic:Can anyone sign in to psn? i'm trying to update kz3 but i keep getting an error.

claterz2779d ago

haven't been able to sign in to PSN all day, but updates are working fine for me.

TheFreak2779d ago

I am getting an error too

RustInPeace2779d ago

Same here. I keep getting error 80710D36.... Thanks for "fighting for freedom of speech" and [email protected] up my ability to connect to my system, assholes!

I just don't understand why suddenly SONY is being attacked for doing their JOB and protecting their property/services... I guess since Nintendo and Microsoft just "love" their systems being so easily hacked and never tried snuffing out these types of "hackers", groups like Anon are mad that SONY don't just lay down and do nothing like their competition. I have not read ONE thing these hackers have done to be justified in their actions and it just keeps getting worse for us end-users who have or want NOTHING to do with this whole situation. Nothing they have done yet has benefited ANYONE as of yet, even Anon themselves (unless ego-boosts count, which to a faceless group must be HUGE).

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Focker4202779d ago

I haven't purchased a CoD map pack since WaW... None of the maps from the past 2 games looked like any fun, at all.

BeaArthur2779d ago

I mean they're not lying. I wouldn't give them $15 but plenty of people buy them so clearly they see value. If all you play is Call of Duty then an extra $15 for maps is probably worth it to you.

DanSolo2779d ago

They don't see value... they are just idiots... and sheep.... so idiotic sheep are the main people to buy overpriced DLC!

BeaArthur2779d ago

That doesn't even make sense. If you're willing to pay $15 for something that is optional you clearly see value in it.

DanSolo2778d ago

I know what you are saying BeaArthur, if someone thinks it is worth paying for and they enjoy it, then they see value in it... plus if you add up the sheer amount of hours they get out of it, then it can be argued that they are getting value out of it.....

But like most things, a hint of truth does not make it true...

I might like eating apples sooo much that I am willing to pay £1 per apple as I get soo much enjoyment from the taste... then I could cite the health benefits ect ect....

But the reality is.... just because I THINK that it is ok for them to charge that much for apples... and because I am WILLING to pay that much.... it does not mean that I am not getting ripped off... that is how rip offs work!

And if I keep paying that for apples, and other people with that same erroneous view keep paying it.... then guess what?

Everyone else who likes apples but knows their real value will be forced to either overpay... or they will just have to stop eating apples!

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