Harry Redknapp Blames Xbox For Poor English Soccer

Spong reports: "Portsmouth FC's manager, Harry Redknapp, has blamed England's current ineptitude at The Beautiful Game on the Xbox."

"In his column for (wait for it!) The Sun, Redknapp moans, "It may sound old and corny but when I was growing up, working class lads like me in the East End lived and breathed football. Now I rarely see a kickabout in the park. All I see are the dazzling lights of bedroom windows from the glare of TVs and computers. It seems football cannot compete with an Xbox."

"We're sure he means games machines in general, and not just the Xbox. Or the 360, at the very least."

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FordGTGuy4483d ago

you could always turn it off get off your @$$ and go play football.

Bonsai12144483d ago

lame.. Cesc Fabregas love to play Pro Evo on his xbox.. he's the top midfield in the premiership right now

resistance1004482d ago

He has a point.

Kids before uesd to play football in the street, now alot spend there time playing games.

This has helped to contribute to the current shortage of top notch english 16-18year old footballers in this country.

Still the amount of spin people have put on what he said is uncalled for.

And yes he is just referring to gaming in general not xbox

goodganja4482d ago

No. He meant just "XBOX."

Mr PS34482d ago

While were at it lets blame the xbox for these dumm kids failing at school as well now it would be different if there tight fisted mommy's and daddy's bought them a PS3 our country would be producing top footballers for fun top doctors,potential prime ministers!! Instead we got some dumm inbread sh1t kicking 360 kids out there thank god for the PS3 at least not all the kids are goona end up as poster boys for the Hooddie 360 generation!!
I say ban the 360 from our country and if you insist on owning one then move to scotland

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The story is too old to be commented.