Gamereactor UK: Operation Raccoon City: What if?

GR-UK's Gillen McAllister goes on a journey of what ifs in his analysis of the Resident Evil: Raccoon City information we have so far.

"With Claire killed, there's no-one to stop Wesker's attempt at securing the T-Veronica virus on Rockfort Island, as outlined in the events of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

And because Claire is no longer alive there's no reason for Chris Redfield to be there. Besides, Leon's dead, therefore there's no-one to tip off the ex-S.T.A.R.S member something is a amiss on the island."

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trainsinrdr2778d ago

what is this shit just reboot the series with a new plot and actual horror like big mansions with creeky floorboards, no music playing(except maybe the odd paino or radio with 1900 jazz music),flickering lights, lots of mirrors and small rooms and laboritories full of biological experiments and all that old scary shit that truly makes you feel isolated

Lamarthedancer2778d ago

Why would they just reboot it. Theres a ton of questions still left unanswered in the story we have now.

2778d ago
RedDead2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I always wanted to do Raccoon city from the USS perspective, a squad of soldier's sent in to do Shi*. It' not horror and it isn't anywhere close to the traditional Resident evil but I still wanted something like it, so long as it's not holding back RE6 or anything. It is literally a spin off made by someone else, it can't hurt the franchise or story since it's not the real story just a mix up to try and make a fun game. Trying to Assassinate Leon would be fun, I hope he kicks my ass.

This game is the most realistic perspective of Raccoon city aswell.

I'm just imagining Multiplayer versus, squad versus shooter with a mix....what mix? Zombie's, lickers, hunters, Tyrants. Nemesis i'm sure will make an appearance aswell, surely he won't be after the USS though since they're both working for the same cause and actually, Tyrants are also working for the same cause right? Also I wonder if G-mutant Birkin will make an appearance..