Greatest Competitive Games of All Time - "Halo 2"

In honor of the thriving competitive gaming world at Major League Gaming and beyond, we at MLG wish to honor and chronicle the history of competitive gaming. During the coming months, we will profile the greatest competitive titles to ever see release. Each week we will spotlight one title, whose influence and community shaped the behemoth that we know today as competitive gaming. This week's addition is one of the biggest FPS games ever created: Halo 2.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4492d ago

Don't make me LAugh!!! How can Halo 2 start with Counter Strike in Greatest Competitive Games of All time! After Counter Strike there are a million PC FPS then Halo 2

DrRage774492d ago

maybe if you actually read the article, you would realize why they consider Halo2 as one of the best multiplayer competitive typical of fanboys to see a title, and comment without reading the article......i can't count the number of times i read comments from people that are soley based on seeing the title of the article, yet if they took the time to read, they would realize they are making themselves look kinda foolish with their comments.....

P4KY B4492d ago


Go on, admit it to yourself. Nothing is a good as having your mates around with some beers and having a blast on Bomberman.