Is Microsoft headed toward a virtual world? (Microsoft's "Home"?)

Austin-American Stateman reports from the Silicon Valley (San Jose, California):

At the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo in the Silicon Valley, Daniel
"By next year, you'll probably know more about why I'm up here," Schiappa, general manager of strategy for Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, hinted that Microsoft could launch its own entry into into the virtual realm of "Second Life" or "Ultima Online" in one year. Schiappa suggested that Microsoft's virtual world would likely involve its Virtual Earth 3D service (pictured) and span across its PC, Xbox and mobile platforms...
Schiappa told attendees at the conference. "If a year from now we don't have anything, then we probably won't have anything," he added.

[Notes: is the online site for the Austin American-Statesman daily newspaper in Austin, Texas; the screenshots were taken from Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D.]

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Zhuk4483d ago

it's more than likely something that we will see from Microsoft down the track as it would be excellent for them to not only counter home on the console front but actually become the market leader in virtual worlds (non-mmorpg) because of their dominance on the PC platform as well.

Also consider that they did recently acquire an in game advertising company for a few billion earlier this year so this would be a logical step in expanding that business and promoting growth in its game advertising business.

nasim4483d ago

EU has fallen . JAPAN fell long time ago.

BY the time HOME hits ps3 would be around 300$ . forget competition and other trash.

@anega montoya --well said.

crush SONY despite being a lillliput. You seen now how SONY has crushed MS in eu with the price cut. Next year MGS 4 ,KZ2,FF13 would hit the scene.

even with a 399$ ps3 SONY might win NA not to even think about EU /JAPAN where PS3 is already murdering x360

BrianC62344483d ago

Nobody else has thought of virtual worlds on a gaming console. Microsoft better patent this idea quick before Sony copies them.

lonestarmt4483d ago

if by brilliant you mean they never do anything original then copy anything thats successful then yea. Sony is the leader of change. How is vista working for you? almost everything new they copied from OSX and it doesn't work as well. Zune is a copy of the ipod. MSN? yeah they copeid that from yahoo and google. o was made by bill gates, there were 100's of other sites like that. xbox is a copy from the playstation. They took rare from nintendo, they tried to take square. Now they see that people are pumped for home, so wouldn't shock me that they take that idea too. They took what made ps2 successful and they are trying to use the same exact plan with the 360, only not as good. They say you don't need HDMI, then later add it when they saw it worked good for the ps3. MAn even windows was not even original they stole that idea from another OS.Sony lowers their price, then they do.Love them or hate them..They copy everything and never take risks. Watch out soon their will be a little big planet rip off.

Amsterdaam4483d ago

Everything you mentioned in your post would not have existed had Microsoft not built Windows, as buggy and crappy as it is.

DrRage774483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

"sony is the leader in change"...LMFAO oh really?? and just what change is that? a gaming console with a harddrive? sorry, that was a MICROSOFT innovation....motion sensitive controller? sorry, that was a NINTENDO innovation....

"xbox is a copy of playstation"...LMFAO oh really? and what is playstation? a copy of nintendo, a copy of neo geo, and copy of atari jaguar.....get over it, either point the fingers at every single company aside from atari, or shut up with these useless comments

xhi44483d ago first, I thought you were being sarcastic. Then i read it again, and just saddened.

lonestarmt4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

playstation didn't steel the idea of the HDD. Sigh, ok the ps2 came out before the xbox, and they had plans for the HDD add on for a while, came in japan, then came out over here, but sony realized that the support was weak for it then gave up on it, and then went with it on the ps3. The only really good thing for it was FF 11. Now I"m LMAO, the playstation wasn't a copy of anything. Yes it was a gaming console thats it. THe playstation was supposed to be a add on for nintendo, but they thought cds were not the wave of the future, and sony got the rights for it and made it. Thats why final fantasy left, because they wanted to make those pretty cgi's which they couldn't on the nintendo machines. Every company thought the cartridges were still the way to go and sony went on a limb on paid for the cd NEW format. That alone was going to be enough to beat nintendo. Now sony is trying to do the same thing with blu-ray realizing that to truly set it apart they needed and give it an extra edge. Nintendo saw this and said, hey we can't compete with that, we are going a different direction(smart move), M$ did what they alwasy do and came up with the same crap. Remember they said the HDD was needed and was the wave of the future then made fun of sony with the xbox one? then when the 360 came out they said it wasn't as important because sony ps2 kicked the living crap out of the xbox and they copied them, then when ps3 came out devs talked about how good it was for the HDD, then they came out with the elite with a HDD space that could make a difference?? Every company borrows or adds on, M$ is hands down the worst and most obvious and never try's anything new.....

Ri0tSquad4483d ago

PS2 had a hard drive extension and the whole six axis thing was done way before Nintendo even thought of it. Look on youtube to see the video.

Sez 4483d ago

anyone remember the power glove from nintendo back in the days.when you punch in the air and the man on the screen would do it. sony didn't do motion first ninty did

WhEeLz4482d ago

Harddrive on a console is microsoft innovation? WRONG!! That was panasonics 3DO.... good try though

+ Show (7) more repliesLast reply 4482d ago
drsfinest724483d ago

and then again microsoft is trying their best on trying to be sony. anyways. goodluck microsoft with this as playstation home would dominate your "second life".

FordGTGuy4483d ago

Microsoft trying to be Sony now thats funny.

ktchong4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Just so you guys know, this will be based on the Virtual Earth 3D engine, and Microsoft has been working on the engine since even before Sony announced Home. It's been in work for years, and it seems to be in perpetuate beta. (Maybe that's why Microsoft said Sony underestimated the work involved in making Home... because Microsoft has been working on the same thing for much longer, and they know it's hard.)

Virtual Earth 3D is basically a replica of the entire planet Earth in a virtual world - in great details. So Microsoft is already halfway there... now all it needs is to add in the Avatars.

Mr VideoGames4483d ago

They could easily Release this on XBOX LIVE and Crush HOME with a Instant, Like Round Peg said...Microsoft has been working on this for Years now.

and SONY's HOME is a mear Joke compared to for all of you SONY Idiots that say all this Stuff about how HOME is much better and free watch out cause there is a Reason it's Free.

SONY has FU**ed up once again by thinkng they could COPY Microsoft...AGAIN

Anego Montoya FTMFW4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

"SONY has FU**ed up once again by thinkng they could COPY Microsoft...AGAIN"

i`m pretty sure MS likes copying SONY.

***Sony was in the console biz 1st
***MS has tried to buy any game that was popular on ps2
***the 1st XBOX had huge controller so they made them smaller(like sonys)
***the XBOX360 controller is a copy of the DUALSHOCK2
***MS making JRPGs
***adding a HighDEF movie player add on
***adding a HDMI port
***trying to make games in 1080p
***adding a bigger HDD
***having a VISION CAM
***adding a WIFI as a add on
***FORZA trying to be GT
***and almost everything else MS has done beside XBL

@the roung PEG

Virtual WORLD 3d will NOT be on 360.



***having HDD in ALL ps3s.

is that better?

ParaDise_LosT4483d ago

But.....wasn't putting HDD in consoles....

Sez 4483d ago

last i remember all xbox consoles started with HDD in them. when ps2 was still using memory cards.and last i checked second life and sims online did the virtual world before sony. and didn't ninty start the motion sensing controller before sony us the sixixs.isn't sony trying the mimic some features that are used in live.

WhEeLz4482d ago

For the last time Putting a harddrive on a console is not microsoft's was panasonics that came out with the "3DO"

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 4482d ago
ParaDise_LosT4483d ago

does that thing look ridiculously huge... o_o
Ohhh and TRP...
I didn't know that :o
Thanks for the info...

PimpHandHappy4483d ago

but making it work is really the test. I have told all my gamer friends that i think Home is pipe dream. I love the idea of having 3D trophys and all but making it work with all the games like Sony wants is really a HUGE idea

maybe the new 720xbox will try and make it happen. By then they will have had time to pick apart what Home is and is doing.

IMO i dont see Home working how I WOULD LIKE IT but maybe they will. I want to make the MEtalHead Socom lounge and launch with my clan from this room

I hope MS does try it. Just one more thing that someone else did the thinking for them on and more thing they can try and make money off.

MikeMichaels4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

That i've had on my HDD for months in beta form and it works fine. I don't know why they don't release major bugs that i could detect other than the Left and Right on the stereo need to be swapped.

Right now when you're standing around and there's a TV near by playing a trailer or something on your left side, the sounds come out of the right speaker. Weird LOL

Other than that the voice chat works great with proximity sound, the arcade works well along with the bowling alleys, pool table etc, as do home spaces.

I also love the new Home Square (that they demoed at E3) complete with chess and checkers tables set up in the park.