Rumor: First details on Dragon’s Dogma

Scrawl: "The first details have come out of Dragon’s Dogma, the game supposedly being teased in the recently launched Capcom countdown, if the supposed leak of a NeoGAF member is to be believed."

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mjolliffe2750d ago

An open-world, action-adventure-like Demon's Souls? Color me interested :)

venomcarnage892750d ago

Count me in as well.

Funny thing is the moment I saw the game title I thought of Demon's Souls, but thats what they were going for, clearly.

Cloudberry2750d ago

I was hoping for Breath of Fire...

: /

Apotheosize2750d ago

"Apparently, it “looks like Demon’s Souls,”


HellzAssassin2750d ago

Now people are going to copy "Demon's Souls" style to get more people... I guess that's a good thing.

sasuke992750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

An action game powered by the MT Framework engine? sweeet!