Controllers By Comparison

Wii, PS3 and 360 controllers all around the same price? No. They're not.

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BlazeCP32777d ago

wtf kind of an article is this?

ApexHell2777d ago

apparently an australian bitching about controller prices.

TreMillz2777d ago

WTF i clicked expecting a fair comparison with comfortability, pricing, input lag etc, its just some dumb crap wtf is a Big W?

oohWii2777d ago

Another stupid flamebait article.

Emilio_Estevez2777d ago

Where did these prices come from? Space?

kneon2777d ago

Why are the prices so out of whack there? Here the DS3 is the cheapest option, $55, or for $60 you get a free game. The Xbox controller or the WiiMote with Motion+ and nunchuck run about $70.

wsoutlaw872777d ago

amazon has the ds3 always at a discount. Its 42.70$ now not to long ago it was 35$.

SLLCKGT2777d ago

How about the batteries or recharging kit you have to get for the 360

Garrison2777d ago

How did this crap get approved?

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