Killzone 3 Patch 1.07 is Now Live

Dualshock Nexus: "Alright Killzone 3 heads it's that time again. Patch 1.07 is now available for download so go ahead and pop in your copy of KZ3 and let her roll."

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SandRazor2778d ago

Custom Games and a Mute All feature = Awesome.

kingdavid2778d ago

So do people still play this?

Pixel_Pusher2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


f^_^k off troll.

58MB, downloading now. :P

Yo wait a min..did they tweak the controls again? It feels much lighter and responsive after the update. I checked controller settings and they're both at 50% sensitivity.

wenaldy2778d ago

Only if you buy PS3 first..

TBM2778d ago

Yes I do, I really hate the cod, halo, bf extreme fanboys.

norman292778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

would be nice if i could get connected to psn to download it :| screw you hackers :@

Sizzon2778d ago

Screw you, damn troll.

kingdavid2778d ago

El oh el. I ask a genuine question and get sworn at and dismissed as a troll.

Only on n4g I spose.

KonaBro2778d ago

A genuine question my ass. You obviously meant to stir up trouble asking if anyone still played Killzone 3. You need to brush up on your trolling grasshopper.

kingdavid2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I own the game Konabro ffs. I am asking out of my own interests (havent played it since a week after it launched).

Thank you to the 2 or 3 people which gave me genuine answers.

Achemki2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Why wouldn't people still play this? It's only a month and a half old, not everyone buys games week one, and you're in a thread about them just adding in new features. Use your common sense b4 going all 'only on N4G'.

kingdavid2778d ago

Thanks for the insight achemki!

Biggest2778d ago

"I own the game Konabro ffs"

Go check yourself then.

radphil2778d ago

kingdavid if you had the game, it takes like a minute to go and check..

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Hoje03082778d ago

Any word on whether or not this fixes the Salmun Market glitch in the playlist? I rarely get to play any other map in Warzone unless I join a friend who doesn't have the Retro Map Pack.

marinelife92778d ago

I hate that they switched L1/L2 on the move controller. I'm already used to the current config.

Soldierone2778d ago

Looks like I know what ill be playing tomorrow. lol

wenaldy2778d ago

Thank God, finally custom match..!!!!

Silly Mammo2778d ago

Happy that they made 'melee' button controlled for the Move. Watch your backs now fellas!!

pinksteak092778d ago

i really liked the "thrust MOVE forward" for melee attacks :(

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The story is too old to be commented.