Sony NGP : price at Pixmania

As many sites of On-line sale, pixmania already has A page presenting the NGP But contrary to these concurents the site already show a selling price.

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hay2805d ago

Agreed. Date please!

Active Reload2805d ago

Too bad it'll probably be disrespect to what's happening in Japan though.

Jezuz2805d ago

It's okay if it's delayed. Just wish that Japan makes a quick recovery

insomnium22805d ago

Sorry jezuz you simply can't be taken seriously considering everything you've said. What goes around comes around. You shouldn't have used your trolling account for this comment.

Misterhbk2805d ago

The US price is never as high as other regions. We'll have it for 250-300.

news4geeks2805d ago

So that's about £250 and $400. Usually the price never goes higher on these earlier price sets, and the US usually gets things cheaper so I'm going to say it will launch at $349.99 and £249.99.

Brash_Attack2805d ago

I want this but don't think I'm willing to pay that much for a handheld. This is something I'll probably get a couple years later for about 200 or so.

news4geeks2805d ago

I'm still looking to get my first psp on ebay for less the £50 just so that I can play the MGS games on it.

MGRogue20172805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Pirce has been taken down.. so can't be too sure..

But yeah, £249.99 is the perfect price for it imo.. so let's hope that is it's retail price.

Ddouble2805d ago

£250 is just about right.

Cajun Chicken2805d ago

Around same price as I paid for my old PSP-1000 a couple of years after launch. I'm pretty happy with that, just got to miraculously find the money.

macky3012805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I'll take 10.

I,.. have a really hard time believing that,.. or 3ds is seriously way way way,.. overpriced,.. (hell they are charging us 260eur-370usd in Europe) and even Pikachu cannot save it,..

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The story is too old to be commented.