Play as a Freelance Mercenary in Armored Core V


Since Armored Core V's announcement, From Software has stressed the game's team play component. Players form teams and defend their territory from invading teams.

But you don't have to be a team player. You can play as a freelance mercenary if you like, assisting other teams. From refers to this as the "Mercenary System."

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kookie2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Awesome and cool to play like merc for both teams
Double agent

wwm0nkey2780d ago

What do you mean both teams? The entire map is owned by hundreds of teams :)

Lavalamp2779d ago

I think he meant factions, or nations, or corporations, or whatever it is that divides the war and the land.

Swiftfox2780d ago

I do wish they would show some gameplay footage. This game was supposed to have been released last year when it suddenly went quiet and we were not given much of anything to work with.

I love the Armored Core series but as a fan I question some of the design choices I have in fact heard about. This seeming focus on co-op and online play is one of those concerns.

daylo2780d ago

So when is it comming out? Oh yes day one purchased like mentioned above!

Lavalamp2779d ago

I think winter 2011 for Japan and early 2012 for NA and Europe.