Final Promise Story Has Sexy Retail Bonuses

Andriasang: It looks like Imageepoch did its homework for its first package release as a publisher. PSP's Final Promise Story is getting some retailer separate bonus items, and some of them are a bit on the sexy side.

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RedPawn2778d ago

Is this leaving Nihon, I really hope so.


Ravage272778d ago

NGP's PSP emulator is really our best bet right now.

Hopefully the NGP will do well enough in the West to warrant PSN re-releases of all those PSP JRPG that never left Japan.

Swiftfox2778d ago

I think we are in for a long wait, to be perfectly honest. There are many inherent risks to releasing such a niche genre of games in any region other than their home.

I'm personally still waiting for the game Malicious to see a western release. That's not a JRPG or for the PSP and is a fully digital title. If that is having issues coming over then I can't help but feel less than optimistic on the idea of more JRPG's (especially new I.P's) seeing western release.