Unreal Tournament 3: Shacknews Preview

Shacknews writes: "I saw Endor-like forests, cold rocky moons, sweeping plains, and, of course, space stations with ominously large planetary backdrops."

"I'm not going to elaborate at length on Deathmatch or Capture The Flag. Mutators are back, as are several fan-favorite maps. Outside of a few minor tweaks, these modes are about what you would expect, in that they feel very much as they did in earlier entries--but with vastly improved graphics."

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goodganja4029d ago

Bungie should take a quick view at this game. Understand this is TRUE 1080pHD experience with 60fps gameplay to go along with it.

Xbots play your Halo while PS3 gets to experience the Holy grail of FPS for a while.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

colony4029d ago

does this game run in 1080p?

as far as ive learned its running at 720p... the fps im not sure about.

but im SO F''king getting this game! =D
it will kill every other MP game so far :D in my point of view of course.

picker3324029d ago

Lol what are you talking about? pc is also gonna get this game.

blusoops4029d ago

I'm very excited about this game! I still hope it comes out before the end of this year on the PS3!