NINTENDO'S 3DS is now the most returned games console ever

The Sun told yesterday how some gamers have reported feeling sick after playing the 3D machine.

So we tested the device with our man Lee Price, 22.

After Sun doctor Carol Cooper measured his resting blood pressure as 120/70, and pulse as 67, Lee played Street Fighter and Pro Evolution Soccer in four 30-minute slots.

He took the advised ten minute break between games - and here we chart his progress:

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EYEamNUMBER13692d ago

this is actually the 4th time ive seen this same SUN thing posted on N4G and the very stores they are reporting on have already shot this down

im actually rather curious to see if ill see more SUN articles tomorrow

CrazyForGames3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

well this is N4G if i had to guess id say 80% of the people here will believe and comment on a story based on the tittle alone whether its true or false

watch if this does get approved your gonna see a few people eat it up always happens you don't need me telling you that

Venatus-Deus3692d ago

As I said in the other unapproved story I imagine the postings on N4G and other sites have generated a substantial number of extra hits to their website. That would be why they have a new found motivation for this story.

The denials from Nintendo and the retailers would are because adverse publicity could affect sales and profit margins. That would be the motivation for the retail sector to deny these reports.

We’ll never know the truth so we might as well enjoy the comments section.

hay3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Lol, The Sun is full of shit. I feel sorry for people who fell for that, those tests consist of literally ONE person hired by them, fake or paid doctor and staged photos...

zootang3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Best selling UK paper, but they tend do to over exaggerate everything.

LeShin3691d ago

Actually, I've seen two similar stories in The Metro while I was on the train this morning and now it seems, the Evening Standard. Not sure whats going on.

afterMoth3691d ago

Oh good, they have the same issues I have playing a non 3D portable gaming system as well.

elevated heart rate, oh carp, that happens on my home games as well

PSP in the car, yup I get ill in the care as well
book in the car, yup I also get ill.

This report if CRAP!

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-chaz-3691d ago

The Sun is the UK's version of the Enquirer. In case no one noticed, it's common for blood pressure to rise during ANY normal gaming, 3D or not. I'm amazed this got approved.

firefoxprime3690d ago

Its a friggin tabloid magazine!!!!

Who would actually post a LINK to this retarded foolishness???

Stupid idiots. People don't even research info these days. Don't take the time to have concrete data before spouting crap.

trounbyfire3692d ago

well some people said Nintendo was going out on a limb but they were right

shoutout to gamesonsmash they said this a while ago

Eamon3691d ago

Notorious for making shit up.

Almost all game stores are saying that this news is false. Even The Guardian reported on it being false.

kneon3691d ago

What about the submitter who made up a title that has nothing to do with anything said in the article.

Stealth20k3691d ago

sun article= troll article

Sidology3691d ago

"I think Lee's pulse rising with the mildest of exertion is nothing to do with the 3DS more that it appears he likes pies (alot!)."


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