Halo 3: ODST Rumoured for Xbox LIVE Games on Demand

An advertisement has surfaced this morning suggesting that the underappreciated Halo 3: ODST is coming to the Xbox 360’s Games on Demand service in the near future. Featured in the ‘Spotlight’ section on the Xbox 360 dashboard, the advertisement all but confirms the eventual appearance.

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Blaze9292849d ago

i don't see why it wouldn't.

HeavenlySnipes2849d ago

should have been in the first place for a lower price

StanLee2848d ago

Someone explained to me how it's "rumored" when it's clearly advertised in Spotlight on the XBox 360 dashboard? Who wrote this article?!

Les-Grossman2849d ago

Just need Halo 2 on there & then the collection is complete

Eiffel2849d ago

Don't think that will happen, Microsoft said they were done with Xbox Originals on the marketplace.

xPhearR3dx2849d ago

it wouldnt matter, the H2 servers are offline

Perjoss2848d ago

H2 also had a great single player campaign.

RockmanII72849d ago

I'm sure it will be overpriced like everything else is on there. My guess is $30, $20 if we're lucky.

BizDaWolf2849d ago

man i forgot all about this game

mcstorm2848d ago

I can't beleve how many people hate this game I thought it was a good game because you had to play it different to the other halo games. Ok mp was pants but sp I really enjoyed. Good to see ms putting this ondemand but I still think the ondemand games are a little over priced when you can pick it up in the shops for under £15.

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