5.0 Swarm Review

There are some hella good casual downloadable games available these days, many of which harken back to the olden days, where games were a lot simpler than they are in these times of 3D, HD, Twitter and Facebook. Rock hard, arcade-oriented, and completely ruthless, these O.G bad boys often required nerves of steel to complete. If you sat a ten year old in front of Jet Set Willy, Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins, or even Lemmings, (the latter being something of an inspiration to the subject matter on hand here) they would last mere minutes before collapsing back into their gaming chair, a quivering mess, reaching for another high energy caffeinated beverage.

Titles such as Super Meat Boy, the recent re-imagining of Mega Man, and the cruelly unforgiving Limbo have something of an old-school flavour to them, and Swarm, the new downloadable offering from Hothead Games, certainly falls into this category. But is it any cop?

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