PlayStation's Jack Tretton on 3-D Games and the Gamification of Business

FastCompany: When I sat down with Jack Tretton, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, it was the third time in as many years that we got together to discuss the state of the gaming industry and the strategies behind PlayStation.

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zoks3102755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Jack Tretton is the man. One of the most respected person in the industry.

Mr Tretton2755d ago

Thanks zoks310! Gonna send you out a PSP Go windbreaker!

Also, don't I look great in those 3D glasses? 8)

CaptainMarvelQ82755d ago

you looked Fabulous!*girl squeak*
now can i get my NGP?

zoks3102755d ago

Nah I already got a PSP, but I'll take a working proto NGP with your signature on it......

Daver2755d ago


its a windbreaker! not a psp lol