First Look: The Darkness II

GR - "In The Darkness II, main character Jackie Estacado is having trouble deciding whether or not to boot the Darkness right out of his body, and – having played the game – it's easy to see why: demon tentacles are way too much fun. Oh sure, the associated psychological trauma and haunting visions of Jackie's murdered girlfriend deserve consideration as well. Yet, as I flung a guy at a building and then impaled him on a lamp post while he sailed helplessly through the air, I mean, we have to be practical about this, after all. "

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Jdoki2755d ago

First game had flaws but was fun - looking forward to Darkness 2

anubis562755d ago

The game might be fun, but I really don't like cel-shaded visuals.

chak_2755d ago

This game doesn't need a sequel, it was just the darkness.

It will either be totally shit, or dumbed down, or whatever, but TD had a very very special feeling, that, I think, can't really be reproduced.

mainly when we know they'll make of this an action game even more.