IGN - Which Superhero Would Make the Best Pokemon Trainer?

IGN - It's no secret that a lot of us here at IGN love superheroes. As the superhero revival keeps on a rolling, with new movies, cartoons, and games ever in the works, it's only natural that our love for video games and our love for all things super should collide every now and then.

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-Mezzo-2806d ago

Batman, he can train everyone let alone Pokemon.

goodfellajay2806d ago

Doctor Manhattan, watchmen

goodfellajay2806d ago

why news10 always report lame..come on dude..cheer up

SpaceSquirrel2806d ago

Green Lantern and Snivy fits perfectly.

Valay2805d ago

I can't imagine any super hero as a Pokemon trainer.

theonlylolking2805d ago

Cole because he could train electric pokemon to be super epic or just suck out there electricity and use it for himself.