Coolest video game abilities vol.3!

Video game characters often break a lot of laws when on an adventure, and for the most part: the abilities that those characters use are often damned useful. This volume of “coolest game abilities” looks at such abilities as the teleport, the fireball and the nonexistent need to manually refill bullets in a clip.

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maskedaprentice2778d ago

It's good to know if I ever steal a Tank it will be no problem to drive away!

Murgatroyd72778d ago

According to a buddy of mine, tanks apparently aren't all that difficult, but it would certainly be tricky to do your first time without any training. And that really bugs me about the ammo, actually. It's especially annoying that you can reload mid-clip and not lose any bullets by doing so, as if the leftover bullets magically transport to your Bag of Holding. Mafia is one of the few games that doesn't do this.

Rah5er02778d ago

I'm real particular to the auto health recovery system. Just stay out of harms way for 10 seconds, and your as good as new. FPS uses this a lot.

omicron0092778d ago

Quick Scoping should be added since most FPS have that flaw, even though I hate quick scopers.