Razer Onza Slow Turn? Better Check Yourself Before Saying That

K.L. Smith: "I’m supposed to be the Onza expert right? Well I may have forgotten to show you this little nifty hidden feature on the controller. Razer Water, who I know as Hilmar, shows you how to unleash the hypersensitive beast and overclock those analogs."

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RonaldRaygun2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

For anyone still confused by the video: There is a problem with a lot of 1st party 360 controllers which makes it so the thumbsticks don't turn as quickly in one direction as all the other directions (it's called "slowturn"). It's extremely annoying to have this problem in shooters.

The Onza has a feature which allows you to crank up the sensitivity of the thumbsticks on the controller itself, which makes it practically impossible for it to have slowturn. They've just now started telling people about this feature.

So now you can adjust the tension of the thumbsticks, and the sensitivity of them too. It's a pretty freaking advanced controller.

JudgeDredd2755d ago

if they can make it wireless, I'm sold

duplissi2755d ago

if they make a ps3 version im sold (i dont use my xbox enough to justify buying one) also if it were wireless i would definitely be more inclined to grab one.

antihiroprotagonist2755d ago

they told everyone about this feature from day one and it was in most of the CES videos etc.. from last year. It's one of the reasons I bought the Onza. Also, they can't make the controller wireless because of Microsoft's strict policies and they advertise that its wired as a "feature" because it reduces lag. This controller is infinitely superior to Microsoft's first party controller in almost every way and I am glad that I have one.

RonaldRaygun2754d ago

Did you watch the video, and are you sure you're talking about sensitivity and not tension? If you are right, then congrats on being much more well-informed than me :)

ufo8mycat2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Erm this has been known for ages? We all know you can adjust the tension/sensitivity of the analog sticks, simply by turning the nob thing on each analog stick.

One question I'd like to ask. Anyone know if the deadzone on this controller is the same as the 360, or is it smaller, like the PS3 analog sticks?

Speaking of this controller, has anyone got one yet? If so any good?

RonaldRaygun2754d ago

The tension and sensitivity are two different things. You adjust the tension (how hard it is to physically move the sticks) by turning the nob. You adjust the sensitivity of the thumbsticks by doing the button combo shown in the video.

The deadzone is almost nonexistant, like the PS3 controller. The triggers are kinda ghetto, but it's still better than the Microsoft controller IMO.

ufo8mycat2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I guess I am sort of confused in regards to the difference between tension and sensitivity.

Doesn't tension effect sensitivity. If the sticks are nice and loose (less tension), then at the same time, it's also very sensitive?

I can't watch the video atm because at work (blocked damn it lol)

So the deadzone is non-existant? Okay def buy for me now lol.

Can the controller be purchased yet?