Wall-Mounted, Water-Cooled Wii Kicks Your Console’s Ass

Gaming consoles are pretty generic looking: White or black plastic, and relatively rectangular in shape.

Martin Nielsen, a case-modding visionary, took the tired old Wii console and transformed it into the Wii UNLimited Edition, an almost unrecognizably epic acrylic and aluminum contraption.

More information through the link.

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Ranshak2751d ago

With all the risks involved with water cooling wth would anyone want to do this. Risks are taken when some gains can be achieved:

silent operation.

None of those are the case when it comes to consoles, water and electricity arent a good mix imo.

kneon2751d ago

Well if it were an XBox or a PS3 then it may be worth it for some people, but a Wii draws so little power I think you'd be hard pressed to get it to overheat.

Ranshak2751d ago

Consoles are supposed to be simple hassle free plug and play machines man, if any of them require water cooling then something aint right.

Water cooling a PC on the other hand is worthwhile if you are willing to put up potential problems. Atleast you do get to realise some of the benefits, Highly over clocked, silent rig.

DarkTower8052751d ago

Yuo, it looks nice but watercooling a Wii? That's like watercooling a PSP, no need for it. Has anyone here EVER overheated a Wii?

barkingspace2751d ago

I am a sucker for Mods. OMG, this one is awesome.

mijkil2751d ago

Looks absolutely awfull and why the hell would you need to water cool a wii anyway???

nycrekid2751d ago

This guys just watched Diehard 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.