Gameloft's Fast Five Game Looks As Similar As Every Other Gameloft Title

Sometimes I feel like I'm just picking on Gameloft, but at this point the developer has gained a reputation for shamelessly borrowing from other games in its mobile and handheld releases. The latest? A mobile game adaptation of the upcoming film Fast Five that looks very comparable to last year's Disney-published racing game, Split/Second.

You can see the similarities for yourself in the trailer below. One could argue that ripping off Split/Second is a greater crime than the normal Gameloft homage job. Most of the titles Gameloft borrows from -- God of War, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Halo, etc. -- are at least console releases that don't really exist in mobile form, but Split/Second actually had an iPhone/iPad release as well. Then again, apparently that version of Split/Second wasn't great.

Gameloft's Fast Five the Movie: Official Game will be released on iPhone, iPad, and Android on April 28.

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