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sdtarm2777d ago

Capcom hasnt delivered at all this gen IMO

Maybe its a RE?

Warprincess1162777d ago

Street Fighter, RE5, the Megaman games, MVC3 and alot more games prove that your wrong. So im gonna have to disagree with you.

Fulensenca2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Hmmm, I don' t think so.

To be honest I really think RE5 was one of the worst RE ever with his "OMG! I can' t walk while shooting! My brain can' t handle both action at the same time! Guns are making a paralytic of me" gameplay.

Devil May Cry 4 is soo far from DMC1 and DMC2' s quality. Capcom made a little big mess.

Lost Planet 2 is a mess too, a flat game with tons of technical problems. And the port of the first one on PS3 was a bad joke.

Dead Rising 2 is not as good as the origial was at the time. And the first one was not that masterpiece ...

Dark Void ... lol

Bionic Commando, no comment.

Moto GP, year after year they never put enough efforts to make it a great game. Just good ones.

Street Fighter X Tekken. Just what we needed /S

All in all Capcom -with all the potential they have- did a mediocre job this generation.

PS: Must also be said that this seems to be a general crisis for the Japanese developers, not just Capcom.

CrimsonEngage2777d ago

New Darkstalkers bitch! FUCK YEA!

Zashule2777d ago

From the looks of things, the bat-like wings in the background make me have to agree with you.

Zashule2777d ago

Another countdown that runs off of system time, but apparently they haven't finished the reveal yet?
Adjusting my date removes the countdown and shows a message: 4/13 OPEN
Wonder what it means?

Ahasverus2777d ago

Pretty much Darkstalkers

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The story is too old to be commented.