The games I play are not made for women

Bitmob Community Writer Rachel Jagielski: The games I play are not designed with a consumer like me in mind. Most of the time I can ignore semi-clad women and gratuitous panty shots. But when I saw leaked pictures from the upcoming Mortal Kombat's select screen I was surprised how bothered I was.

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Warprincess1162752d ago

As a female i do sometimes find the ouffits a little degrading but i sometimes find them cute. I don't like how videogames make women look like sluts but the ouffits looks cool to me. So i don't really mind.

Corepred42752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

seeing as how the majority of game are marketed to the males (which i guess makes up about 85-90% of gamers) i really don't see a problem with devs making the females in their games they way they do. to appeal to the majority of their consumers.

ATiElite2752d ago

the character in the picture is gonna have severe back problems when she gets older.

Female video game characters wear about as much clothing as Gymnast, Beach Volleyball players, lingerie Football players, and those ladies on dancing with the stars. so i feel it's just art imitating life.

chrispy2752d ago

The author makes some really salient points - I mean, I understand why games portray women as they do since they're usually aiming for male escapism, but good lord, that photo of Ivy made me vomit a little in my mouth. Blehhh.

f7897902752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Lol my girlfriend loves playing as her just because she's wearing nothing. She finds it funny.

Her favorite is Sophitia though. She loves trying to have the final blow be her using her crotch to snap my neck. *sigh*

Ruggadagod2752d ago

either you play the game or not. i will be buying mortal kombat 9 as soon as it is released and will love it.

Bathyj2752d ago

Look how many buff guys there are is games.

One could argue girls are being catered to with gratuitous sexuality more than males are.

I dont really believe that, I'm just saying.

But why cant you have just one?

I dont know. Why cant I have one fat slob of a guy in fighting game who gets his arse kicked and doesnt make me feel like I have to be able to beat up a Shaolin Monk to be a real man.

Again, I dont really believe that.

So what am I saying? I dont really know. I dont have a point that will make sense of all of this.

I'll simply say, games are fantasy, and hot chicks, and blowning sh*t up, is what guys fantasise about. Mostly.

Bathyj2752d ago

I have to admit, after playing the MK demo, even I said, WOW, thats pretty slutty.

Whats with the FKN load errors in replying or editing today. Anon maybe?

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The story is too old to be commented.