GameStop 'Struggling' to Avoid Becoming 'The Next Blockbuster,' says GamersGate

GamersGate CEO Theo Bergquist isn't one to hold back any punches. He previously told us that Valve's Steam is "peaking" and will lose market share, and now he's put GameStop in his laser sights, questioning the retailer's two big acquisitions in the digital space.

We've produced Bergquist's op-ed in full below.

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JudgeDredd2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

if I'm correct, GameStop is similar to blockbuster. when I buy a new game, sometimes I get an open copy. they tell me its new, but I get the feeling they play it first then sell it to me as new. some of these new games have no box.

Rageaholic2756d ago

I went into a Ebgames recently which is owned by gamestop and I asked for a brand new game... they pointed me to the rack of opened boxes but they mentioned that the game is new.. THen I was like that is not new.I was about the walk out and then they pulled me back and said "maybe" we have some in stock. It took cashier 5 seconds to pull out a sealed game.

InTheZoneAC2756d ago

no employee would sell an open copy new game when there's sealed ones. Reason being is that they have to have a display for every game, why get rid of the only display and have sealed in the back? If you're buying that last new copy then of course it'll be the display copy.

thats_just_prime2756d ago

My best friends wife (they werent actually married at the time) use to work at a gamestop and me and my friend go in there tell her what game we want to play and she drop it off at my house after she got off work. Sometime she give us games to play even before their release dates. Even tho we played these game they were sold as "new games"

Gamestop reasoning for this is that employees need to be able to play the games so they can tell customers about it.

I dont know if they still do this cause that was a longer time ago probably longer then I care to admit. I'm betting they still to this tho

KillaManiac2756d ago


If a store manager lets a employee or even himself take home a street dated game it can get him fired.

I've seen it happen and they watch it much closer than in past.

Of course there will be some corrupt store managers who don't log it in their gamebook, but what company doesn't have some bad apples?

B1663r2756d ago

I live next to a mall that has two GameStops in it. One was an EBGames before the merger. Im not suggesting how GameStop run their business, but they have some room to contract without doing a BlockBuster at the moment.

None the less, digital downloads are here, now. That trend will only grow. Over the next ten years places like GameStop are doomed...

CrimsonEngage2756d ago

I work at GS. The copies they are giving you ARE new. Sometimes we get a lot of games in and only so many will fit on the shelves so we gut the other games. Gutting requires us to open the package, take the game out and put it in a sleeve.

GS isn't going to pull a blockbuster. My store is still doing fine financially. :)

Zashule2756d ago

I worked for GS, and I call your bluff. You and I both know that employees get to 'check out' games (used or new) to take home and try out for the sake of knowing which games to recommend as good or not. I thought everyone online knew that! That doesn't mean that every open copy has been played, but some of them definitely have.

vampstreak2756d ago

I worked at gamestop and employees can check out new or used games. Yes we need to open a sealed copy for a gut but we can also play the game that is gutted and sell it as new, its BS and anyone reading this Do Not Buy guted game as new.

thats_just_prime2756d ago

Doesnt really matter if they are played or not once the seal is broken they are "used" and by law are not suppose to be sold as new

Zephyrus342756d ago

Breaking a seal goes the same with a car, same difference. You buy a car, its used. You break a seal, then its used. Everyone in my 70,000 populated college town hates the employee's at both Gamestops. Sorry had to get that out there. haha.

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zeal0us2756d ago

GS biggest competition was EB games but now they merge I would have to say gamefly. Spending $10 or less a month seem more resonable than pay $60 for a new game that you will only play for month and throw it to the side.

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ultimate-remag2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

gamestop need 2 stop robbin ppl when they trade in their games!!! they loosin customers 2 walmart, bestbuy etc....

JudgeDredd2756d ago

thats true, a game costs about 65 new, they only give between 24-33 trade-in.

TastyTreats2756d ago

walmart and best buy do trade ins?

TOSgamer2756d ago


So its now Gamestop's fault you have to pay sales tax? Gamestop also doesn't have to pay rent, payroll tax, utilities and its employees right?

JudgeDredd2756d ago

so your saying that its ok for GS to sell me an open copy at full price and be ok with it. yes they have bills to pay, I give you that. would you buy an open copy at full price? maybe, maybe not I don't know. either way I don't buy my games there anymore.

Rageaholic2756d ago

I dont think they are robbing you.... If the demand is there to trade the game at that price and the consmer is willing to trade it in then it is OK....

Same goes the other way when you buy a game at 60-70 dollars if you cant afford it your not goingto buy it.

In the end of the day the DEMAND s there hence formulating the price in the market. NO one is making you buy or sell.

Hell ive sold old games for a dollar a piece, was i annoyed yes... cuz I know i made a loss but I made my decision to sell because I did not want to keep a pile of games that collect dust.

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tdogchristy902756d ago

I use bestbuy for all my movie/game needs. The rewardZone program has been very good to me!

plb2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

How much does bestbuy give for trade ins?

SanMarco2756d ago

They are the best ive used. Got $38 for DA2 trade in,

Gamestop was like $24.

plb2756d ago

Do you have to buy the game from bb to trade it in there or can it be from anywhere?

SanMarco2756d ago

They are worse off. I pick up used AAA games play them for 7 days then get my cash refund within 7 days.

Free Renting.

They Deserve it, since they are so Corperate.

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