Would Kingdom Hearts Survive without Nomura? - Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 26 - "Well folks, we're still in the thick of this blasted news drought; Nomura must still be hibernating. So, this episode Lauren, Darryl and Churro turn to the fans and their questions, and there are some good ones this time.

Who is their least favorite character? What would KH be without Nomura? And if they could create a new character, who would they be? This is a show for you, the listeners. Trust us when we say get in while the gettin' is good!"

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Sanrin2753d ago

Definitely, the fanboiz are already foaming at the mouth for anything related to keyblades.

rezzah2753d ago

It's not about keyblades, if you think it is then you don't understand KH at all.

It's the story telling. How it is told. Not what colour your weapon is or the multiple Disney characters and worlds in the game.

ShawnCollier2753d ago

No Nomura means no asspulls and mindf***ery, so no, I wouldn't want him gone. :p

tweex2753d ago

Definitely have to agree. If he left, so would all the crazy esoteric sh*t that man comes up with.

Hardedge2753d ago

It'll go the way of FFXIII. Mediocrity.

Not that KHII was all that great. I still prefer the original.

fozzness2753d ago

Great discussion here folks! It really is a scary thought to think about though O_O""

Lamarthedancer2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Imagine if he got tierd of all the side KH games and just couldn't be arsed for the thrid game which we all really want. I think then I would be pissed haha

I hope to god that by the time KH3 comes out they can port Birth by sleep/358/2 days and whatever else to the PS3 or NGP in a bundle because lets face it I can't be the only one who is going to be so confused by the time KH3 comes out. I like to enjoy a story, not be all like "wtf is going on" at the start of the game. I would read online like I did with Chain of Memories but I think theres too much to take in now. After I did that with COM I enjoyed KH2s story more :)

tweex2753d ago

Totally agree. I watched the entire cutscene library from CoM before I even started playing KH2 for the first time years ago. The franchise has completely morphed into something pretty foreign to those who only played the first and second and especially for those who only played the first.

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