Sony Enlists DDoS Defense Firm to Combat Hackers

Earlier in the week, a part of the hacking collective Anonymous declared war on Sony and brought down several of the company’s sites as well as the PlayStation Network. By using a form of a DDoS attack, the group temporarily crippled Sony’s online infrastructure, but now Sony is fighting back, recruiting a specialist firm that has successfully thwarted Anonymous’ attempts.

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MAiKU2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Heaven or Hell? FIGHT! They messed with the company as a whole, and i mean it's a tech company.


pixelsword2754d ago

Where have you been? It's been like, months!

-Alpha2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )


There is no real damage to Anonymous. They are, after all, anonymous, a bunch of people protesting in a manner that is described as both important and annoying.

Sony is the one taking damage. Regardless of who they enlist it's clear that Anonymous is a headache for them. Now they have to hire outside help and pay them, which is money out of their pockets, and maybe out of ours too.

Anonymous will just come back with something else to annoy Sony, perhaps send feces to Sony employees. That's the problem, and that's what makes them a nuisance. They are a general population that have access to simply annoy Sony. It seems that they are throwing a temper tantrum and it comes off as extremely childish.

I don't know if I agree with what Sony did in trying to go after IP addresses, though. Sony needs to realize that the hack is out, and it's pointless trying to go after all these hackers. They have the main guy, and they should just move on after GeoHot. But it seems Anonymous is upset with how much power Sony as a corporation is using, and that's a real issue that many people outside gaming have a problem with, and I think if Sony is pushing for something like getting IP addresses it causes issues about privacy that people are going to argue about. It sort of scares me that Sony could get my IP address for simply watching a hack video.

Regardless of the situation, if their concern is piracy, they can't equate that with hacking as it really is not the same thing.

I think if they just dealt with Geo and stopped at that Anonymous may have never come around. But it seems Anonymous is pissed with Sony trying to take GeoHot and making an example out of him. It's like Sony challenged hackers, and now they are fighting back. But now it's just turning into a huge pit hole of back and forth attacks.

The whole issue is making me worried and I just want it to end already. Sony needs to stop, Anonymous needs to stop, they just need to stop and move on.

MaxXAttaxX2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Sony is trying to prevent piracy.
Of course, piracy can't be equated with hacking, but hacking paves the way for piracy.

But I agree that everyone should just stop and move on.

RememberThe3572754d ago

I don't get the issue with IP addresses. There are plenty of companies that have my IP address. Google has my IP form watching a 2pac remix (that DJ Cvince beat is ridiculous), it's not like it's private information. Theres nothing personal about my IP address that I feel needs to be protected.

I have a feeling Sony knew what they were getting into with these hackers. I don't want Sony to stop. I don't want hackers all over the PSN doing what ever they want because Sony got scared away by some hackers.

-Alpha2754d ago


I dont know if Sony obtaining the IPs of people is right since they would be a third party trying to gain access to my activity after I view it (thus without my consent). I think that's the difference.

They did some other stuff that seemed like a waste of time to me and it only ends up pissing activists off. It encompasses many issues of privacy, rights, etc. and I think Sony should have just dealt with Geo swiftly and quickly. It just seems that the longer this goes on the worse it will get, and now Anonymous is annoying Sony in protest.

MAiKU2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

The meaning from my last statement was meant to imply that sony can actually fight back in some way or form.

I don't think they really need to find their IP addresses, and it's not like its a very viable method of attacking back cuz some providers renew ip addresses after a certain amount of time.

What do you mean?

NateCole2754d ago

@Alpha-Male22. Antics like these only get us more restrictions.

NewMonday2754d ago

Every site you go to registers your IP address it's how the internet works.

Sony is doing its job by protecting the hard work of developers, 3rd or 1st party, smaller devs are the ones who get killed by piracy, will anon protect small developers from pirates? I don’t think so.

inveni02754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Any action Sony takes to thwart attacks is better for them as a company anyway. You usually have to pay people money to test your sites security against attacks. Sony's getting it for free. It just shows that no one involved in initiating these attacks is very intelligent--or mature for that matter.

First of all, don't state that you don't agree with getting IP addresses until you understand the terms with which they are acquired. Sony can't just get every IP address they want. They can't get IP addresses because you watched something on YouTube--or visited Geo's site, even. All they can do is get the IPs of Playstation 3 consoles that have connected to Sony servers while using custom firmware. They already have the IP numbers. All they're trying to do is find out who they belong to. They can't just fish through records with no cause.

As someone that usually posts intelligent insight, I'm surprised at you for having this "conspiracy" mindset, for lack of a better word.

pixelsword2753d ago

@ MAiKU:

It's been awhile since I've last seen you on N4G

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Noble Spartan2754d ago

haha anonymous have failed like morons. Sony hired big boys lol

all pro anonymous supporters on N4G are trolls.

AndrewRyan2754d ago

I believe you are the troll. Anonymous can't fail because them hurting Sony does not hurt them. In fact, they will continue to annoy Sony is any way possible until Sony give up because it is not costing Anonymous ANYTHING to do so while to defend this attack it costs SONY... Eventually one of them will give up, which one will it be? Sony who is LOSING money, or Anonymous who is neither LOSING nor GAINING.

wsoutlaw872754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

it cost anonymous their valuable time they could be spending watching v for vendetta. In the past it seems like they get bored quickly and just move on. And it is also costing anonymous supporters, because trying to bring down the psn isn't making them any friends. Its also drawing a lot of attention to them selves making them far less anonymous. They need to learn how to pick their battles.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

''Anti-DDoS specialists, Prolexic Technologies were brought on by Sony to stop the mass attack of the site’s servers:

Prolexic has been fighting DDoS attacks and developing “best of breed” practices and a massive global network for over 7 years. Our experience is simply unmatched.

Prolexic’s services provide online businesses with the most advanced protection available against DDoS attacks and malicious botnet activity.''

Sony have the top computer engineer team and specialists besides of resources and money.

Unlike those bunch of losers.

gamingdroid2754d ago

One shouldn't disregard the talent of the masses. Somewhere there is one dude that is smarter than Sony's team.

It's just nature's law!

TotalPS3Fanboy2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"One shouldn't disregard the talent of the masses. Somewhere there is one dude that is smarter than Sony's team."

Then that one dude is wasting his life, sitting in his basement, wasting his time hacking away at some pointless thing, when he could be making over 9,000 (over, over, over 9,000, over 9,000) dollars a month, working at a security firm.

In other word, he may be smart, but he's being stupid.

wsoutlaw872754d ago

@gamingdroid and theres some one smarter than anonymous and sony might have just hired him. Or he might be against anonymous all together.

hiredhelp2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

nice step sony

chidori6662754d ago

what really SONY is doing by acting with these kind of manners and procedures or supposedly legal tactics, they are just letting us know that they are FEARED, feared of hackers.

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MGRogue20172754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

The tables have turned.. so to speak

Sony: "Check mate. Your move, Anonymous.. And for ffs, take off that stupid mask, it's ridiculous."

Dart892754d ago

Good job sony stick it to them hard.

You just made me laugh here's a bub.

-Alpha2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

How can they make a move if it's check mate?

Anyways, don't declare victory just yet, we all know these guys work fast and will bring up another pain in the ass for Sony, and, god forbid, us, the consumers.

And while I can understand what they are fighting for, I have to say that Anonymous is doing things all wrong and hurting consumers no worse than the way they claim Sony is hurting consumers.

MGRogue20172754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"How can they make a move if it's check mate?"

Well , they'll just ignore the rules of the "game", of course.. Like they've been doing ever since this little "battleships/chess" war of theirs started..

-Alpha2754d ago

I was just trying to be a smartass, lol

pixelsword2754d ago

They aren't fighting for anything but thievery.

IF they were fighting for rights by taking away other rights, they they are just as bad and wrong and evil as the people they are trying to accuse. Not too many people used Other OS, and Sony didn't take it away: you had a choice to either remove it and play online, or keep it and not go on the PSN. If someone wants both, they can use the PSN and use the *still free* Linux OS on their computer... for free, for crying out loud.

But now, the same people/hackers who are saying that "you shouldn't have to choose" are supporting people or are people who are taking away the choice people chose to choose by interrupting the PSN service.

And in the end, all this does is give so-called "hackers" an even worse name.

I was neutral, but as long as this doesn't add to any laws or hurt consumers or gamers, I don't care what happens to them anymore.

For anyone who wishes to argue about Sony taking away a feature that "they promised", just look at games like Lord of the Rings Conquest for consoles or XBL for the original XboX. Those features were promised on their packaging, and they are now gone: so why is it that on one is attacking because of that?

People who paid money for those games/services were vocal, but Anon. didn't take up their cause... Wonder why?

Because they could hack 360 games, so there was no reason to fake a cause.

LordLaguz2754d ago

This will be an endless Stalemate.

Sony will lose some money defending PSN and their employees.

Anonymous will lose some "noobs" trying to DDoS without knowing how to erase their tracks correctly.

Some damage will be dealt to both sides, but nothing really big.

(sorry for any misspells, English is not my main language)

JudgeDredd2754d ago

feel Sony's wrath you pathetic losers

ultimate-remag2754d ago

Awwwwwwwwwwww Yeaaa.... Voltron unite!!!!

LoneWanderer092754d ago

Sony will always win when it comes to protecting PSN. Hackers might end up giving Sony a bit of a problems, but it will always be fix

Aussiegamer2754d ago

Yep sony will win and virgins loose again. hahaha

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