GamePro: BioShock vs. Halo 3

It's not easy to choose between two obvious Game of the Year candidates, but in reality, not everyone can afford to buy every game out there. So GamePro poses the question: If you had to choose, would you buy BioShock or Halo 3? GamePro breaks each game down into eight categories to see who emerges victorious.

Both BioShock and Halo 3 are classic shooters and hold up as two of the best games of all time. If you look at the results by category, it's easy to understand. If you're not much of an online gamer, BioShock is your best bet. If you consistently play on Xbox Live, you need Halo 3. But really, the final choice is simple: find the money to buy both.

Here is the list of the categories and its winners. See the article for the detailed explanation:
Story - winner: BioShcok
Graphics - winner: BioShcok
Sound - winner: BioShcok
Arsenal - winner: Halo 3
Controls - winner: Halo 3
Single-Player - winner: BioShcok
Multiplayer - winner: Halo 3, obviously
Innovation - winner: Halo 3
Replayability - winner: Halo 3

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4115d ago
Captain Tuttle4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Bioshock was going against anything except Halo 3 with it's amazing multiplayer it should win hands down. The truth is millions will be playing Halo 3 online for YEARS. I'm not sure about giving Halo 3 the win in the innovation category though. Combat Evolved was important because of it's polish as a FPS on a console and Halo 2 had it's incredible multiplayer. Halo 3 just built on that solid foundation. I think Bioshock almost re-defined the shooter. Just as every online console game is compared to Halo 2 (and now 3) every story driven shooter will now be compared to Bioshock and that's arguably a larger amount of games.

Good article though.

Excalibur4115d ago

The only thing innovated about Halo 3 is the new Camera feature. it's basically the same game as 1 and 2.

Though I did have fun with Halo 3 I think BioShock is a much better game.

Blackfrican4115d ago

Bioshock is a joke. FPS not compatible with Mutliplayer? haha

Lygre4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

I bought Bioshock and played through it and liked it. But when it's finished it's finished - I didn't see a reason to start the game over again.

But when I finished Halo 3, I've played several of the levels over and over with friends on Xbox Live. I've played with campaign scoring on, making the singleplayer a competetive game, and also the skulls makes things more interesting.

Now Halo 3 also has a brilliant multiplayer making it last years longer than Bioshock (which lasted like a week for me). And I do think that Halo 3 has more innovation cause of things like Forge, Saved Films, File Share and a that you can visit and look for stats, pictures, movies, gametypes etc.

Bioshock has better grapics and sound, but you get way more out of your money if you get Halo 3 cause it's going to be around for years.

I like both games, but I'm just a fan of games with MP.

Edit: And you can't say that "Bioshock or Halo 3 is game of the year", when COD4 and Mass Effect aren't out yet.

Captain Tuttle4115d ago

About the Forge and Theater...I hadn't considered those (even though the article did).

And you're absolutely correct about COD4 and Mass Effect.

Jack Bauer4115d ago

the story imo is more of a close call...then a "hands down"

sound i would give the edge to halo 3, the soundtrack is amazing

otherwise i agree though.

mstanglx954115d ago

thats the first thing i noticed, kinda funny actually!

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