Why Final Fantasy 13 Was a Success: Raising the Emotional Drama

Reviewers claimed that Final Fantasy 13 played out more like an interactive movie than an actual game. Could they have looked over one of the most intensely emotional storylines in the Final Fantasy series?

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iamtehpwn2780d ago

One of the Flaws no one has really mentioned in this game yet that was overwhelming to me....Why the hell did Summons do practically no substantial damage and yet recovering the TP to use one took so long?

Scyrus2780d ago

this is true, summons were basically garbage in this game, looked amazing but thats all.

my other gripe was the main villain being is lame as xenosaga 2's main villain.

other interesting villains werent in the game long at all.

i still enjoyed the game, hopefully ff13-2 will be a good improvement, and i honestly cant wait till ffV13

frjoethesecond2780d ago

To be fair long gui was made a hell of a lot easier using vannile's summon.
Otherwise they were garbage though.

Nemesis45672780d ago

That was always one of main complaints as well. Summons have always meant to give you that extra power needed to win hard battles. The summons in this game were worthless, and the animations of their attacks were dumb as well. Whatever happen to making summons attacks like (Diamond Dust, Mega Flare, and HellFire) deadly as well as beautiful. Sqaure Enix failed yet again...

TotalPS3Fanboy2780d ago

they means whinning for 10 hours straight, then yes. It was a very emo drama.

Ddouble2780d ago

When your farming for Gil trust me the summons come in handy against the long guis and adamantoises.

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ShinMaster2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

FFXIII's story barely made me care. How did it "raise the emotional drama".
Nearly every cutscene was "blah blah l'cie blah blah fal'cie blah".

"this Final Fantasy game attempts to try something different...he player is free to control the camera to look at everything around the characters."
- Yes mister author guy, this is a truly remarkable feature! /s

Xof2780d ago

Not liking a story doesn't make it a bad story. It was pretty good for a game, if anything didn't make you care about the story, it was the awful gameplay that accompanied it.

I don't think I've ever seen a game that's been so fantastic in some aspects, and so awful in other aspects, in a very long time. Not since FFXII, at least--which, ironically, had the opposite problem.

Well, here's hoping XIII-2 or XIII Versus will actually be good. I mean, S-E has had 10 years already. Surely they can pump out one good game.

ShinMaster2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

It's not just that I didn't like the story. The storytelling itself wasn't good. It felt like I was being push by it. It almost felt like it played itself. And then filling me in with the rest of the story in logs is just... idk.

newn4gguy2780d ago

What emotion?

The script was too bland to warrant any real emotions.

FFX blows this out of the water.

Nemesis45672780d ago

I agree, I think what the author sees as emotion is nothing but teenage drama. I have enough drama to deal with in RL, I don't need to go take on these ridiculous character's drama.

2780d ago
ShinMaster2780d ago

I remember that scene and the emotions were hardly believable.

ThanatosDMC2780d ago

Venille's voice is nerve wrecking. Heck even after saving the world with lesbian powers it was still grating when she narrated what happened. CGI looks great though if anything else...

newn4gguy2780d ago

Agreed. His mother dying was a good idea, but it was poorly executed.

Yes, I see what I did there.

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SilverSlug2780d ago

Really? Gotta take those rose tinted glasses off and grow up:

newn4gguy2780d ago

Grow up?

If we can't give in to basic human emotions...then that's not growing up. That's giving up.

SilverSlug2780d ago

Badly scripted game makes you emotional?

Fade_Walker2780d ago

Emotional Drama? God I hope this is another April Fools joke. The only character I cared about was Lightning. The rest were just cookie cutter cut outs.

Nemesis45672780d ago

The teenage drama from The "Hope" boy, was instead of standing up to Snow. He would talk angrily about how he hates him, but whenever Snow would get near him, he would be all quiet and all of a sudden has nothing to say. Characters like that are the worst in my honest opinion. If you like characters like that, more power to you.

2780d ago
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