Price cut expected to fuel PS3 sales in Australia

Asher Moses reports for The Age (Australia):

"Sony Australia expects its recent $300 PlayStation 3 price cut to double the console's install-base by the end of the year.

Around 84,000 PS3 consoles have been sold in Australia since it launched here on March 23, but the company believes now that the console is priced at $699.95 Sony will move another 84,000 units within the next two and a half months...

The PS3's built-in Blu-ray player meant each household that owned one was automatically in the Blu-ray camp.

Microsoft has sold 222,136 Xbox 360 consoles to date but only around 3000 units of its $249.95 external HD DVD player add-ons, according to market watcher GfK..."

The full report includes PR comments from Sony, Microsoft, and Toshiba; and an announcement of Sony's new BDP-S500 Blu-ray player (pictured.)

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Zhuk4491d ago

40gb went on sale today, had a chat with a few of the local game store managers and they sold quite a few PS3s today so the price drop is definitely giving them a bump in sales but I think it will die down again and pick up considerably in early December when most Australians start their Christmas shopping

TheHater4491d ago

next month is when a lot of games will be coming out. so the sales will continue until next year

nasim4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

FOlklore is already out . Uncharted in November and so is HAZE

i called a local store of Game yesterday and the guy told me that he has sold more ps3 starter packs than the combined total of what he sold in the last 2 months.

10 x360s were traded in for ps3s in his GAME STORE @ birmingham.

poor MS and are officially finised in EU where ps3 sales increased 8 fold

around 200 000 x360s have been sold till date in AU vs 93 000 ps3s already .

ps3 has sold around 1.8 m in EU vs 2.5 m x360s ( GFK)

with the starter pack everything has fallen for x360.

in AUGUST and SEPTEMBER combined sales ps3 sold 28000 unist vs 40 000 for x360.

BUT now with a price cut you know the fate x360 is destined to HAVE.

in UK sales of ps3 have increased 8 fold


LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4491d ago are one of two things.

1.) Totally full of crap.


2.) The most pathetic person on the planet.

You really call up video game stores to check how many units they are selling? Give us a break. I honestly hope you are lying. You really need to find a hobby. Purchasing video game consoles is something you are not good at. Look at what your purchase has turned you into.

You don't have any games to play so you resort to going on N4G all day and posting made up crap about how the PS3 is going to win. Might I suggest that you give playing in traffic a whirl. Its a win-win. You won't be near a computer and you could possibly get hit by a car.

Zhuk4491d ago

i doubt PS3 will catch 360s sales in Australia, but they will do better than they were before i'm sure

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HarryEtTubMan4491d ago

Its playstation sells will continue and continue until they stop making the damn thing

crippler6664491d ago

Why do people refere to this as a price drop? Its a new SKU, its like saying the Microsoft put up the price of the 360 when it released the Elite.

shodown194491d ago

I'm not from Austrailia nor have I ever been there so I'm unfamiliar with their business and consumer cultures. But speaking from a global standpoint, a price cut should fuel the PS3 in all reigons like it did this past summer. So I dont see a reason why PS3 wouldnt sell with a lower price point.

the_bebop4491d ago

I Live in Australia and I bought a PS3 when it was first launched for $1100 with two game, plus I paid $80 for an extended warranty. The PS3 has sold 84,000 units in Australia with from the release date having only having two good games at launch and the unit costing $999 with no 20gig unit so releasing a unit costing $300 dollars less will definetly sell quite a lot of units her in Australia and I am only talking about the 40gig version there are sure to be quite a few 60gig units sold as well. Plus it is the cheapest and best Blu-ray player on the market.

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