FIFA and Pro Evo Soccer Exclusivity Cleared Up

Are you a little confused about the exclusivity of FIFA 07 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on the Xbox 360? Well it seems a few people were, so Konami, Microsoft and EA have clarified the situation.

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TheMART5375d ago

There you go what we'd already knew but good to get it confirmed:

"Whether fans prefer FIFA 07 or Pro Evolution Soccer 6, they need look no further than Xbox 360 as these great titles won’t be available on any other next-gen platform."

Boink5375d ago

I am so happy they cleared that up. I wonder if there is any apologies coming to the 360 fans that were insulted, and apparently right...hehehe

USMChardcharger5375d ago

notice one of the comments said that we love developing for this thing (360).

Spunkmeyer435375d ago

Mart i am a big Xbox fan and am not ever going to own a PS3, u might even say i hate sony... But my hatred for you is far more profound. You are becoming very boring, u act like a microsoft evangelist. Surely we're past this petty back and forth tussle of stupidity!!! So please please stop with the comments, you're like an excitable moron who can't help himself!

kingboy5375d ago

well said ,i told him same thing

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