Orange Box beats Bioshock, Halo 3

CVG reports: " Valve's Orange Box compilation burst its way onto Steam yesterday, the reviews have begun to go live, and early indications show its average review score of 98 (so far) is going to beat both Bioshock and Halo 3. Could this be the highest scoring game of the year? "

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xhi44488d ago

Go, Gordon! It's your birthday! We gon' party like it's your birthday!
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday!

Orange Box IS a better a FPS than Halo 3 i must say, multiplayer too, hard to say, haven't played TF2, but if it is anything as big as counterstrike like the reviewers say, then yer its better. But the single player campaign is def better than Halo 3's no doubt! Even Bioshock I must say, basically Bioshock's story telling techniques is Half Life summed up......but Half Life 2, ep1 and 2 are on a much grander scale.

Anyway good news for Valve and the team! I don't know, the wealth of value just screams BUY ME! :D

Blackfrican4488d ago

I like the game a lot. But I don't like games being reviewed with "a lot of game for your $" being a reason for a high score. Each game should be reviewed individually (like IGN did i think) and then the average should be the final score.

Half life 2: 7 (at times not fun)
episode 1: haven't played
episode 2: haven't played
portals: 6/10 (short)
team fortress: 9/10

The Purple Box:
Blinx Time Sweeper, Star Wars Clone Wars, Wacked, all 3 burger king games, Fusion Frenzy.

Would the Purple Box get a 10/10 for $ value?

TheMART4488d ago

Orange Box isn't a better FPS in total package then Halo 3. You must be on crack. The multiplayer capabilities of Halo 3 for sure are untouched. Even with the funny Team Fortress 2 multiplayer included in Orange Box.

Half Life 2 + 2 episodes is a must have for real gamers, but graphics are still a bit last gen (textures for sure), but its something that is really worth playing.

You just can't compare Bioshock & Halo 3 with Orange Box. They are both a world of their own.

Blackmoses4488d ago

you may be right with your own personal view on it all, but the critics have spoken and it appears that Halo 3 ain't really where it's at apparently. But look it still got a high score.... it's just that there's more to the Orangebox than the other two. I'm not a Halo Fan, but Bioshock now that looks intresting.

Korosuke4488d ago

Have you really played the orang box ?

HarryEtTubMan4488d ago

Just your biased fanboy opinion. I guarantee anyone Half life will be a better game than Halo and it has 5 SOLID games in one box. Not one overrated game with framerate drops and a dissapointing Halo 2.25 multiplayer. HL2 will destroy Halo in ANY department dude. Halo 3 multiplayer maybe comes close but its so old and over done. The half life stort is wayyyy better and not corny like Halo. Hl2 is just about the best FPS ever made. I would never say that about Halo or Bioshock. Half life 2 has always been my favorite too lol

CrazzyMan4488d ago

"Half Life 2 + 2 episodes is a must have for real gamers, but graphics are still a bit last gen (textures for sure), but its something that is really worth playing."

Valve: "...For the 360 version of the game, we can probably say we are using around 93-94% of the console's power given our current optimization. With the PS3, we can't exactly say what power cap we reached, since no developer really knows where the boundary is for the PS3. We can tell you that in terms of the whole game together on the PS3, we are not even using the SPU's and it is purely built on the graphics card and Cell..."

93-94% -> and all what x360 gets - "graphics are still a bit last gen". =)))

ukilnme4488d ago

You and the other 360 hating trolls are pathetic. Flocking to every piece of news that may be negative for the 360. This also applies to all of you PS3 hating trolls. If you love you console or PC so much, go play it. It should only be about the games and the fun you have playing them. Stop with the hate.

JsonHenry4488d ago

Well I can tell you that on my 20inch LCD Monitor running at 16XAA and 16xAF with a resolution of 1680*1050 that is BLOWS Halo 3 out of the water in terms of graphics.

And if I had to guess, it probably looks better on the Xbox360 as well.

CrazzyMan4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

i was just joking(sarcasm) on him, about what He said, and what Developer said, and now You are making So BIG problem of it.
You are really fanboy, don`t get so sensitive about consoles. =)) It`s about gaming, not life. =)

EDIT: Then in future, try to learn a little about sarcasm :), before calling people hating trolls. =))
but well, there are a lot of things, which i don`t like about x360, and much less about ps3. =)

ukilnme4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Don't get it twisted. I don't take any of this crap seriously. I only visit N4G and post here when I am working, most of the time anyway. I am in no way a hardcore gamer. I just play the games when I get the oppurtunity which has not been much lately. I have loved gaming since the Atari 2600. I don't exclusively support any console maker or PC maker so I see no sense in praising one and pointing out flaws in the others. So if you wish to call me a fanboy, so be it. At least I am a fanboy of gaming and not a console.

WafflesID4488d ago

There is NOTHING in Halo 3 single player that can even begin to touch Half-Life 2.

Myth4488d ago

I'm playing Bioshock on the PC, im almost to the end of the game. While it is a great FPS, it's an average game. Just imagine a FPS/Mage=Bioshock with upgradable damage for both guns and powers. You only have two different types of enemy's though Big Daddy's and Splicers (zombie looking clowns). I've seen two cut scenes in the game and I'm almost to the end, this makes the story drag. Bioshock is a solid 7.75. I had more fun playing Heavenly Sword by far.

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skitzoid4488d ago

this year. Not that they had much to begin with.

DARK WITNESS4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

i don't know about that.

don't get me wrong, i Love Halo and halo 3 was great, but i still think it could have been better. Half life 2 is the only game on the old xbox that i thought was comparable in terms of graphics, story and overall game play.

now that its gone next gen, well apart from graphical changes i hope they have made others changes to half life 2 as well, but even if they have not its still outstanding and story wise it may have a lot more going on then halo 3.

i thought halo 3's story kind of fell flat in a lot of areas. it could have been better.

i don't think the multiplayer will be as good as halo3's, but the overall package at that price is a must have.

other devs should take heed to the way Valve take are of there fans. they take their time, but when they deliver is full on and they still manage to remember that we are gamers and not all the sons of wealthy bankers etc.

publishers could take notes to. This is the kind of value for money that we should be getting for our games. if they can do it, ...never mind they never will anyway.

iNcRiMiNaTi4488d ago

but multiplayer is what really made HALO what it is today and i think thats where bungie focused on more, replay save and forge looks more like additions for multiplayer than something to do on single player, sure theres the replay for single player but u cant rewind, make screenshots, or record clips off a campaign replay..and forge is all about custom multiplayer versions of the maps...but yeah this is supposed to be the last in the trilogy and i felt the story wasnt as good as it should have been...

back OT: orange-box should be crappy PC loaded for like minutes for every new area, which was like every 5-10 minutes of gameplay and it really pissed me off, hopefully the 360 will give me a better experience of the game...and they threw in 4 extras in the HL2 game? how can u not get this sweet deal?

nobizlikesnowbiz4488d ago

His opinion. Mine is different.

Orange Box is a must have for sure though.

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