Last Oblivion DLC Now Dated: Available on Monday

Fighter's Stronghold gives you none other than your very own Castle, complete with a troop of knights to defend it, a secret treasure vault, a wine maker to brew special potions, a combat trainer to spar with, and even a taxidermist to fashion sculptures out of your most impressive kills.

On top of all that is the obvious joy of owning an enormous fantasy property, with sprawling dining halls, wine cellars, barracks, training rooms, even an ancient Dwemer Forge that increases your Armorer skill - much like the Alchemy table in Frostcrag Spire. Beat that, Grand Designs.

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Dukester1014488d ago

I had no idea they were still making add ons for this game. It's going to be tough. This pack sounds like it would be awesome, but with Halo 3 in my system, and Mass Effect around the corner... should I buy?

I probably will because I have the MS Points, but I dont know if I'll ever get to playing it! Although, Oblivion is still my favorite Xbox 360 game, with Halo 3 coming in 2nd.

sandip7874488d ago

i thought this was free?

celticlonewolf4488d ago

Just got back into playing this game and I have to say although its one of the earlyer next gen games it still looks really good and is a amazing game.

Kleptic4488d ago

Nothing was said of it being free for the 360...the 1 week thing is only for PC so far...and not even sure what they are getting at with the PS3, they are saying they are close to shivering isles being completed I guess...but the PS3 currently has none of the DLC available...all of which Bethesda said would be available before the end of the year...

It is a great of my all time favorite RPGs...but I played it through all wrong...I basically completed the main quest first...and nothing has been nearly as fun as that since...and there is still so much for me to do...I completed the main game at like level 8 or something ridiculous...and have started the knights of the nine and many other side quests...but not going into Oblivion or seeing the ridiculously awesome gates takes its toll...

SuicidalTendencies4488d ago

More content? Nice! I'm guessing this will be the last of it. They will now switch their focus to Fallout 3 & Rogue Warrior.