IGN: Comment Comeback - Crysis 2

The editors at IGN read the vast majority of the comments. This is what happens when they respond to them.

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Dart892757d ago

The last comment was awesome.

Pixel_Pusher2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

"The motion blur looks great, the textures are sharp. All of those things combined result in a game that for Xbox 360 is, in my opinion and the opinions of a number of other IGN editors, the best looking game on consoles."

Crysis 2 was one of the most overhyped games of 2011 If KZ3 shipped with even half of the issues Cry2 had it would have received a much lower score.

▪ the story and acting was average
▪ SP gameplay was boring
▪ jaggies everywhere!
▪ sub-hd texturs for both versions
▪ text pop-in to the extreme much more so than any other game I've play. you couldn't walk a couple of feet without seeing some degree of pop-in.
▪ AI was a glitchy POS
▪ MP was boring and uninspired and the maps mediocre at best

And yet you gave it a score of 9/10


Moving on...

buh-bye IGN

Montrealien2756d ago

they will miss you...

move on.

Active Reload2756d ago

Lol, this was a good read. Good for ign...

distorted_reality2757d ago

I'm not going to comment on the actual reviews, because I had and still have no interest at all in reading them, but I never get why people rage at reviewers including their opinion.

The whole basis for a review is opinion. The actual amount of "factual" stuff that would/could go into a review is incredibly minor, and would result in something that resembles a Lens Of Truth article.

Montrealien2756d ago

there is no room for normal, well thought and objective opinions anymore in this cloud of opinions we call the internet.

Its either black, or white. Yet in the real world, it is shades of grey.

Laika2757d ago

is ign really that insecure about their review that they have to reply to trolls and pissed off people. its almost like ign is n4g!! hehe

Silly gameAr2757d ago

It's almost like they have an agenda. Strange.

Chaos Striker2757d ago

Agenda in the sense that they are actively engaging their readers and trying to cut out the stupidity that is plaguing their comment section? Then yes, they do have an agenda. Its obvious that they are trying to highlight how inaccurate and uninformed people's comments and perceptions are. I mean seriously, if Arthur played the whole game and others have yet to, I'm pretty sure he knows a heck of a lot more than those individuals who claim they are king shit of the internet.

thehitman2757d ago

@ chaos there a lot of reviewers at IGN who dont finish the game before they review it and a lot of them dont even take the time to explore the game see what its about and would probably guess they put the gameplay on easy just to rush through it. The problem with IGN is that their reviews lack credibility not that people just disagree with their opinions.

Silly gameAr2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@Chaos Striker

I don't mean to sound like anymore of an ass then I already do but, try another sucker please.

Chaos Striker2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I mean no hostility in my comment (I apologize if it came off as brash). I just wanted to highlight how uniformed some people are and how it is essentially a cancer for other people trying to have a civil conversation. I am sure you would react the same if someone said "you suck" every single minute of every day (I mean no disrespect, by the way).

Silly gameAr2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@Chaos Striker

I didn't disagree with you but IGN and civil conversation doesn't go together very well. They have some good articles from time to time, but they love the flamebait.

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