IGN: Homefront Second Opinions

The first-person shooter market is a saturated one, but Homefront nonetheless caught many gamers' attention. IGN Editor Colin Moriarty gave Homefront a 7.0, noting that while Homefront's gameplay was run-of-the-mill, its story and setting were top notch. But did other IGN Editors agree? Let's find out.

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M-Easy2756d ago

Game definitely was not worth playing.

Quagmire2756d ago

First Opinion: It Sucked
Second Opinion: Sucked even harder

-Alpha2756d ago

It's funny how this article is a ghost town compared to the Killzone Second Opinion

solidjun52756d ago

Wasn't this just submitted?

-Alpha2756d ago

Doubt it will get anywhere near the same amount of attention.

WildArmed2755d ago

Well considering Kz3 got much more media attention than Homefront.. it shouldn't be surprising.
Regardless of the population demographic on N4G

Primetimebt2756d ago

These IGN second opinion articles should be called "The advertising money ran out so here is our real review."

floetry1012756d ago

The multiplayer is relatively unique, despite the game having an extremely average campaign. Of course, IGN won't mention that.