Top 10 Comic Books That Need To Be Video Games

CheatCC says, "Turning a comic book into a video game is a delicate art form. Video games based on comic books have the potential to be horrible, as proven by Superman 64 and pretty much every Hulk game ever made. However, when handled with care, these games can be the mega hits of the gaming world. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a great example of a comic book video game done right.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of comic books out there that have never been converted to video game form, but here's a list of the ten we think have the most potential."

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agentxk2756d ago

Deadpool could end up being a pretty fun FPS

Quagmire2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

FPS? Hell no, make it like the DMC games, with ott Sword and Gun play

agentxk2756d ago

After further thought, yessir, you are correct.

BlackTar1872756d ago

Yea Quagmire is on to something that and im tired of FPS. Im not just saying that cuz its the cool thing to say im really tired of them :)

Yi-Long2756d ago

... a Lanfeust of Troy game.

shotgun_ps32756d ago

Yeah that sounds more like it. There should be a button dedicated to taunting where Deadpool will not only taunt the enemies but the player, publisher, developers and there mothers.

Also, if it could include an escort mission with Blind Al where you have to guide her into traps without her realising your trying to kill her.

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Quagmire2756d ago

A Rocksteady-developed Spawn game, thanks!

BlackTar1872756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

there really is no way to make this game as awesome as the comic but The Preacher is the greatest comic ever :)

I love the sandman 2 but i can't even think of how that would work.

BlackTar1872756d ago

V for Vendetaa just isnt Videogame material.

The down time in the story thru the year is a little to much.

RockmanII72756d ago

MODOK needs his own game, it must happen

Der_Kommandant2756d ago

CARNAGE needs his video game

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