Batman: Arkham City multiplayer 'was considered'

We've already been told outright that Batman: Arkham City will be a strictly single-player experience, but that doesn't mean that the idea hasn't entered developer Rocksteady's head.

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marioPSUC2753d ago

I'd much rather them focus on single player, if they had originally planned for it to be single player only, then later on thought about MP, then, it would probably have just felt like a tacked on thing.

Treezy5042753d ago

I agree no MP is just fine with me.

Yi-Long2753d ago

... although I think the engine they have would have allowed for some really cool beat 'm up co-up action in the challenge rooms, and in 2D gameplay levels*...

* (like the Scarecrow levels in AA, but with 2 players instead of 1)

It could have been an excellent beat 'm up mode.

bumnut2753d ago

Awesome, long single player..... like games used to be

Alos882753d ago

Thank goodness they decided to make a longer single player game, far too many games shoehorn in multiplayer in a desperate attempt to boost sales, and nobody ever even plays those modes when it doesn't fit.

Corrwin2753d ago

The problem with Batman multiplayer, is that everybody wants to be Batman. And there can be only one.

No, before you start. Nobody wants to be Robin.