PlayStation Store Update - April 5th, 2011

US PlayStation Blog - Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store writes:

"Hi Everyone - Here is the weekly PlayStation Store update."

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Myst2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Guessing this will be the end of avatars for a while, but on the bright side some demos that look worth a try.


Well damn I can't even play Red Faction it just stays at the THQ logo the whole time. Mashed every button, jiggled the analog sticks and closed out of the game then went back in. Now I can see why its votes were a bit low, unless I just need to re-download it or something. Guess I could try Socom next.

Thepro3182755d ago

it locks up just like HOMEFRONT

Relientk772755d ago

Sweet! Downloading all three of those demos


nevin12755d ago

Yeah, buddy. looking forward to Socom 4. I liked the Tomb Raider demo, how long is the actual game? Angry Birds for $1.99 I just might try to see whats the fuss is all about.

spektical2755d ago

you can get it on an android phone for free.

it really isnt that great. its a dynamic puzzle game.

HungPHATx2755d ago

No KZ3 maps today "again" ?

Tdmd2755d ago

Anyone having problem with socom beta? I've downloaded the beta (400mb or so), downloaded a 30mb patch, and then... nothing. I keep receving an menssege telling me to sign in and download another patch - which I don't know how to as I'm already signed in... :/